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Recap / Brooklyn Nine Nine S 2 E 21 Det Dave Majors

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Det. Dave Majors is the twenty-first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's second season.

Holt assigns Jake and Amy to work on a case with the Nine-Three's Detective Dave Majors, who, according to Jake, is "the best detective on the NYPD". Jake is excited to work with Majors, only to find out that Majors wants to ask Amy out on a date after the case is over.

Meanwhile, Terry gets a job offer from Copperhead Security and considers taking the offer. Charles and Gina try to stop Terry from leaving the Nine-Nine.

This episode provides examples of:

  • The Ace: Det. Dave Majors, according to Jake.
  • Batman Gambit: Holt forces Terry to work late, meaning that Terry has to cancel date night, and digitize years' worth of old case files. Terry's reminded of all the good he's done as a cop and resolves to stay at the Nine-Nine rather than go into private security.
    Holt: (straight faced) Look at me. I can't keep a straight face. I played you like a fiddle.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Amy doesn't go out with Detective Majors, but reveals to Jake that she has no intention of ever dating another cop again, causing Jake to lose his nerve about asking her out. After they share a moment and he leaves the room, the look on Amy's face also suggests that she might be second-guessing this particular decision when it comes to Jake.
  • Call-Back:
    • Jake references the Ship Tease between him and Amy in "Boyle-Linetti Wedding.
      Jake: We had this weird romantic moment thingy at Charles and Gina's parents' wedding...
    • Charles and Gina use bird-noises to secretly communicate with each other while in the squad room, just like Terry and Holt did in "Operation: Broken Feather".
    • Jake's slow-motion cool appearance (which is subsequently undermined by Amy) refers back to the very first shots of him in the pilot.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Jake has trouble asking Amy out on a date.
  • Captain Obvious: In his shock over Terry reaching out to the Copperhead Security headhunter, Charles starts doing this, and then takes it to another level by lampshading that he's doing this:
    Charles: Terry called him?! He's shaking Terry's hand! Now I'm just describing everything that's happening. What the hell's going on?!
    Holt: I do not know.
    Charles: Now Captain Holt doesn't know!
  • Foreshadowing: The prospect of a beloved member of the precinct leaving will become significant in later episodes.
  • Freudian Slip: Jake accidentally reveals a little too much about his feelings while trying to make his classic sex tape joke.
    Jake: "Why doesn't your mouth work?": title of our sex tape.
    Amy: What?
    Jake: Your sex tape! What?! No!
  • Glasses Pull: Jake plans to impress Dave Majors by dramatically removing his glasses when he meets him.
  • Humble Hero: Despite apparently being the best detective on the NYPD and The Ace, Detective Majors is incredibly laid-back and down-to-earth about everything, and approaches life with a rather modest sense of understatement. He even reacts to Amy rejecting him with slightly intrigued calm:
    Majors: It's weird, I've never been turned down before. So unexpected. I'm excited to see what happens to me next.
  • Hypocritical Humor: This exchange:
    Gina: That's how we do things at the Nine-Nine; we've got each other's backs.
    Charles: Damn right!
    Gina: [Snidely] Charles, make your own point. Don't just pile on to mine.
  • It's All About Me: Terry rejects this mindset when he points out why he's thinking about leaving the Nine-Nine. Gina... not so much.
    Terry: I'm trying to do what's best for my family. It's not just about me.
    Gina: Exactly! It's about me, and how you're abandoning me to these squares!
  • Longing Look: Jake to Amy (at a distance) when he sees Amy and Majors dating.
  • Love Overrides the Law: Jake ironically tries to invoke this himself after breaking into a private bar. Cue Jake getting literally thrown out.
  • Moment Killer: Jake attempts to ask Amy out in a forensics lab full of distracting crime scene photos. He tries to power through, then Oliver the lab tech comes in with a report about fecal matter. The attempt is ended completely when Detective Majors comes in with a major development in the case.
  • Noodle Incident: The precise circumstances behind which human, bear and dog feces became mixed together in one case that the forensic unit is dealing with.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • Rosa comes to work wearing a pink shirt. Everyone is suitably freaked out and trying to rationalize why she would do such a thing.
      Amy: Are we sure it's not a white shirt that's just been bloodied in a motorcycle crash?
      Terry: Maybe it wasn't her. Does she have a twin sister?
      Gina: If Rosa had a twin she would have eaten her in the womb.
    • Terry becomes suspicious of Charles and Gina's motives when Gina asks to look at baby pictures.
      Terry: You hate looking at pictures of my twins. You said since they were identical, I didn't need to take photos of both.
    • Holt becomes worried when Gina leaves her cellphone on her desk.
      Holt: Gina, where have you been? You left your cellphone on your desk and I assumed you were dead!
    • Amy is surprised when Jake, who is nervous about his plan to ask out Amy, brushes off the forensic examiner's declaration about human, bear and dog feces being found mixed together at a crime scene.
  • The Password Is Always "Swordfish": Subverted. Dave takes Jake to a secret club where the password is "tropical". When Jake tries to go alone the next night he discovers that the password changes every night. He tries to guess it by reading lips, but fails.
  • Reading Lips: Jake tries to discover the new password for the Keychain by this method, but unfortunately it appears that he's not actually that good at it.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Rosa comes in wearing a pink blouse, which everyone finds shocking. Charles is upset that no one rags on her whereas he was called Mr. Grape for months after wearing a tie that had a little bit of purple in it just once.
  • Ship Tease: Rosa reveals that Amy reveals when she's attracted to someone by nervously flipping her hair behind both ears at the same time. At the end, after she's shared a moment with Jake, she nervously flips her hair behind both ears after he leaves the room.
  • Shipper on Deck: Rosa joins Boyle and Terry in shipping Jake/Amy in this episode.