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Recap / Brooklyn Nine Nine S 1 E 19 Tactical Village

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"Tactical Village" is the nineteenth episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's first season.

The Nine-Nine is excited about the opportunity to go on a tactical training session. They'll get to play with the latest weaponry, compete against other precincts to see which one will go through the training course the fastest, and see which individual cop will score the "coolest kill". It's not all fun, though. Rosa is angry because Charles hasn't invited her to his wedding and Jake has a hard time hiding his jealousy when Amy reconnects with an old flame.


Back at the precinct, Gina introduces Captain Holt to a game called ''Kwazy Cupcakes" (the "w" is backwards) and things quickly spiral out of control.

The episode presents examples of:

  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: Some viewers will be surprised to learn that the directional audio weapon Rosa uses really does exist.
  • Aroused by Their Voice: When Jake asks how he is different from George Clooney, Amy says George Clooney has a sexy voice. Jake tries to imitate his deep voice.
  • Badass Crew: Despite their eccentricities, the team from Nine-Nine has a perfect run and sets the course record.
  • Bland-Name Product: Fictional Video Game "Kwazy Cupcakes" is clearly in reference to Candy Crush Saga.
  • Compressed Vice: Captain Holt becomes a full-blown "Kwazy Cupcakes" addict in less than a day.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Rosa uses an aural crowd dispersal weapon on Charles because she's angry she didn't get a wedding invitation. Terry puts a quick stop to it.
    Charles: [Writhing on the floor] Why is this happening? I can taste my thoughts!
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  • Gangsta Style: Scully wants to take this trope one step further and hold his gun upside down with his pinkie on the trigger. Jake disparages it but ends up using it to his advantage.
  • Innocent Innuendo: Boyle refers to his wedding Save The Date cards as "STDs" and admits he didn't see the connection initially. The rest of the squad runs through a Hurricane of Puns to tease him about it.
  • Karma Houdini: Rosa is this since she physically assaults Charles for all of the episode, even when her superior knows about it, yet gets no comeuppance for her abuse.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Though mostly driven by his jealousy of Teddy, Jake decides to drop his goofy "Rex Buckingham" persona in favor of a much more serious "Vic Kovac" persona in order to try for the course record.
  • New Old Flame: Amy runs across Teddy, a detective she used to date, and they quickly reconnect.
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  • Only a Flesh Wound: Averted. This episode reveals that Charles continues to feel pain due to his being wounded several months before.
  • Paintball Episode: "Tactical Village" has the squad do a training scenario for a group of cops (they're using training rounds in what looks like real guns that have new design). Nobody seems to be wearing more protection than goggles. And they get shot in the chest at a couple of feet!
    Jake: This whole training simulation is make-believe. We shoot paint at fake bad guys. It's called acting.
  • Rare Guns: Jake is seen playing with a CornerShot and Rosa later uses a directional audio weapon to vent her anger towards Charles.
  • Running Gag: Jake continues to call Holt a robot, but this time Holt has a comeback of his own.
    Holt: Peralta, I’m surprised to see you so excited about departmentally mandated training exercises.
    Jake: It’s the most fun day of the year, something you wouldn’t understand because you’re not programmed to feel joy.
    Holt: Yes, but my software is due for an exuberance upgrade.
    Jake: You know, when you play along with the robot jokes it kind of ruins my enjoyment of them.
    Holt: Yes, I know.
  • The Tetris Effect:
    • Captain Holt gets addicted to a Candy Crush-style game called Cwazy Cupcakes (the w is backwards), and acknowledges that he has a problem when he makes two men in a police lineup swap places so that three people with the same color shirt are standing next to each other because of the Match-Three Game rule.
    • Gina sees the cupcakes when she closes her eyes.
      Gina: It's so addicting, right? I play so much that when I close my eyes at night, I just see cupcakes now, instead of my normal dizzying array of flashing lights.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Holt immediately gives up his game addiction upon learning that Hitchcock likes it as well.

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