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Recap / Brooklyn Nine Nine S 1 E 18 The Apartment

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The Apartment is the eighteenth episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's first season.

The squad is called in on the weekend in order to complete self-evaluation forms for Captain Holt. Amy is beside herself in trying to show Holt, in concrete metrics, that she is an excellent detective.

Rosa is in a fouler mood than usual because Detective Lohank, a member of the weekend squad, shaves at their shared desk and clogs up the keyboard with stubble. Charles teams up with Rosa to give Lohank a taste of his own medicine.


Also, Jake and Gina head out to try and find a way to let Jake keep his late grandmother's apartment after his building voted to go co-op and, failing that, find him a new and affordable place to live.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Blatant Lies: When Terry and Holt catch Charles and Rosa in the middle of their prank, they attempt top justify by saying that they accidentally dropped their loose hair and shaving cream in Lohank's locker.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: During their combined self-evaluation, Hitchcock proudly points out that he and Scully managed a combined total of fourteen arrests in the previous year. When informed by Holt that this is not enough arrests, he defiantly points out that it technically doesn't matter what Holt thinks as this is a self-evaluation.
    • Terry also use this in his What the Hell, Hero? speech to Holt later on, when he points out that while it's still a pathetic amount of arrests, it's actually better than they managed the year before.
  • Hidden Depths: Gina is more responsible than she lets on. She has been saving money for years.
  • Manchild: Jake shows that he is incapable of taking care of his own home as an adult. He has no self-control when it comes to making purchases and thinks going to a loan shark for a mortgage is a good idea.
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  • Last-Second Word Swap:
    Holt: Oh, these will be self evaluations, Santiago.
    Amy: Why?!, very wise, sir.
    Jake: Nice save.
  • Meaningful Echo: Played With. Amy asks Jake what he thinks her biggest flaw is, and he starts rattling off the exact same list she had delivered to Holt from a notepad earlier. She is shocked, but then Jake reveals he found her notepad.
    Jake: But your biggest flaw is you suck at throwing away your secret lists.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Rosa and Boyle quickly rethink their plan to prank Lohank when they learn that his entire life has basically been carpet-bombed with disasters over recent months.
  • Never My Fault: Jake doesn't think that it's his fault that his apartment is being sold from under him as he didn't know about it. However, Jake actually received plenty of warning letters that he was too disorganised to notice.
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  • Pride: When Gina offers a fair solution to Jake, he refuses because he doesn't want to have Gina as his landlady.
  • Reading Lips: In this episode we learn Santiago has this ability and uses it to determine that Terry wants her evaluation next.
    Amy: I was reading the Sarge’s lips through the window and he either said “bring in Santiago next” or… something about a San Diego nest.
  • Ship Sinking: Charles and Rosa have a moment where they decide that they are Better Off As Friends.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Terry calls Holt out for playing mind-games and undermining what his detectives achieved that year during the self-evaluation.
    • Terry and Holt call out Rosa and Charles for pranking a very traumatized man, despite the fact they were not aware of Lohank's life difficulties.
  • The Woobie: In-universe, Rosa's deskmate, Lohank is going through hell in life, with a wife addicted to painkillers and a recently killed dog down to even having been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, which causes everyone to turn against Charles and Rosa that are plotting against him to prank him.

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