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Recap / Breaking Bad S 2 E 10 Over

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♫ But this is beginning to feel / like the dog wants a bone... ♫

"Um...well, it's kind of funny. When I got my diagnosis – cancer – I said to myself, y'know, "Why me?" And then, the other day when I got the good news, I said the same thing."
Walter White

Walt meets with Jesse at a restaurant to discuss their plans and Walt's treatment. Jesse is excited at the news of Walt's cancer going into remission, and Walt explains that after they sell off the forty-seven pounds of meth they cooked up, he would retire.

A party is held for Walt to celebrate his remission. All throughout, however, Walt feels awkward and depressed. As he drinks, he begins to offer Hank and Junior, only 16, tequila. Hank goes along with Walt offering his son alcohol at first, but becomes worried when Walt continues to fill Junior's glass and forces him to drink. Hank decides to take the bottle away, but this causes Walt's temper to flare. Tensions build between Walt and Hank, but are dispelled when Junior, unable to hold his liquor, starts to vomit into the swimming pool.

As Walt tries to make amends for his behavior during the party and buys a new water heater for his family, Jesse and Jane look over Jesse's drawing of superheroes that he made as a kid, with Jane noticing that each hero Jesse drew was essentially an idealized version of himself. When she hears a knock on her door, however, she rushes out of Jesse's backdoor and sneaks back into her own home to answer. The man knocking on her door is her father, Donald Margolis, come to pick Jane up for a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. When Jesse steps out to see what's going on, Jane takes a moment to introduce her father to Jesse, her "tenant". After she returns home, Jesse asks about the "total diss" he felt Jane made to him. Jane tried to explain that she was doing Jesse a favor, that her father would not take kindly to learning she was sleeping with a tenant who also smoked weed. Jesse explains that it's not just about her father, but about himself and Jane, "You and me". When Jane asks "Who's 'you and me'?", an exasperated Jesse leaves to smoke some meth. After he returns home, Jane slides something under his back door. It's a drawing of a superheroine named "Apology Girl", who looks much like an idealized version of Jane. This gesture leaves Jesse smiling.


As lingering feelings begin to build between Skyler and Ted Beneke, Walt goes to a hardware store for supplies in his latest project; replacing the rotting boards in his house. He notices one of the customers there had a basket filled with acetone, lye, and other materials for cooking meth. He quietly gives the owner of the cart advice on how to conduct their business, spooking him. Later, Walt steps out to find the would-be meth cook and his friend. He approaches them, stares them dead in the eye, and gives them a simple instruction, to which they fearfully comply:

"Stay out of my territory."


This episode contains examples of:

  • Badass Boast: "Stay out of my territory."
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Justified with Walt Junior, due to the fact that he's sixteen and being forced to drink a lot of the hard stuff by his father. He does express pride in "keeping up" with Hank and Walt, to the latter's dismay.
  • Dark Secret: Jane does not tell her father that she's dating Jesse, introducing him as the new tenant instead.
    Jane (to Jesse): "You think I'm gonna be all like, 'Hey Dad, meet the stoner guy who lives next door. And by the way, I'm sleeping with him'?"
  • Dissonant Serenity: While Skyler and Hank's attention is on his son kneeling by the pool, Walt sits back down and, seemingly uncaring about the incident he caused, quietly downs another shot of tequila while Walt Jr. can still be heard retching in the background.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Walt finds fungus in the floorboards and becomes fixated on cutting out the rot before it undermines his home, which is practically a Literal Metaphor.
  • Double-Meaning Title: Walt has finished fighting his cancer, he wants to retire after selling off their recent batch of meth, the issues with the water heater are fixed, and the third clue towards a future event revealed.
  • Do Wrong, Right: At a hardware store, Walt notices someone buying stuff for cooking meth. He proceeds to explain the problems with the guy’s method of doing this.
    Walt: Those matches. They're the wrong kind. Red phosphorus is found in the striker strips, not the matches themselves. You need to get the big 200-count box of individual matchbooks. More striker strips. You understand? Those only have the one. And don't buy everything in one place. Do it piecemeal. Different items, different stores. Attracts less attention. Are you following me here?
  • Everyone Has Standards: For all the joking that Hank likes to do to make Walt and his son toughen up and enjoy the good stuff in life, even he's disturbed at Walt forcing his son to drink multiple cups of hard liquor, and outright attempts to take the bottle away to prevent further damage.
  • For the Evulz: Walt forcing Walt Jr. to drink tequila until he vomits. While this is far less horrible than many of the others, it has the distinction of being the first time he did something sadistic for no conceivable rational reason, but just because he could. Furthermore, this stands out for his serious drive for malice, egomania, and a desire to be dominant.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • The Cold Open and title of the episode are the third part (following "Seven Thirty Seven" and "Down") of a short film and hidden message, respectively, which foreshadows the ending of Season 2.
    • Jesse wants to bring Jane breakfast in bed, but she walks on him in the kitchen. He says "You weren't supposed to wake up", and she responds "Ever, or...?"
  • Kick the Dog: Walter makes his son drink tequila until he vomits and smiles sadistically when he does so.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Walt realizes how dumb he was acting at the party and formally apologizes to his son. Made still worse when Junior then expresses pride on "keeping up" (with Walt's and Hank's own drinking).
  • Neat Freak: Walt has bouts of this when the pressure of his criminal double life gets to him, fixating on the rotten boards in his house.
  • Staggered Zoom: Occurs when Walt gets in line at the store to pay for the paint cans that he was buying. This trope comes in play when he comes to the realization that, with the drug dealer he advised earlier, that he should put him in his place. This trope occurs to the sound of the beeping scanner in front of him.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Walt forces his son into a drinking competition at his party.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Walt Jr. vomits into the pool in full view of the partygoers - and the audience.

"Stay out of my territory."