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Recap / Brave Witches Ep 13 Petersburg Grand Strategy

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Eila and Sanya of the 501st arrive with supplies for Petersburg and spend the Saturnus and New Year's holidays with the 502nd. Eila hopes to take Sanya on a date in Petersburg to show her some of her homeland, but keeps getting thwarted by the actions of the other Brave Witches, particularly Krupinsky who takes a romantic interest in Sanya as well. After a conversation with Nipa in the spa, Eila decides to have a fireworks display for New Year's that she can spend watching with Sanya as according to Suomus tradition a couple watching fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve is destined for happiness together, but Rall refuses the request as a poor use of supplies.


On New Year's Eve, a neuroi launches an attack on their base and Rossman, Eila, Sanya, Hikari, and Shimohara are assigned to sortie. After a short battle, Eila easily destroys it and the Brave Witches watch the exploding Neuroi. Sanya grabs Eila's hand and remarks that the explosion is just like fireworks and that it is now New Year's Day. They continue holding hands while watching the debris from the Neuroi falls to the Earth.


Tropes in this episode:

  • Hotter and Sexier: This episode includes a lengthy nude scene involving Eila, Nipa, Kanno, and Hikari after the rest of Brave Witches noticeably toned down the Fanservice compared to previous seasons of Strike Witches.
  • Interquel: While this is Episode 13, it actually takes place between Episodes 7 and 8.
  • Just Smile and Nod: Eila is asked to share her expertise in a lecture to the Brave Witches and bombs horribly. Waltrud does this during the whole lecture, and when asked if she understood it she admits that she wasn't paying attention and was just checking Eila out.
  • Spring Cleaning Fever: Winter cleaning, but otherwise the trope is played straight with Georgette going on a cleaning spree.

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