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Recap / Bottom S Up

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The duo are enjoying a selection of videos from the rental shop when the landlord appears. He explains that he is late for his mother's funeral and needs someone to watch the shop for him. At first Richie refuses but when £50 is offered he accepts.

Richie goes Drunk with Power which causes a old lady to call him mad. Richie threatens her and gets whacked by her son. Later the two go up on the roof to watch a game of cricket. The two get trapped on the roof when the hatch closes. Richie pushes Eddie off the roof to end.



  • Bilingual Bonus: The chant Richie uses to for his rain dance ( Well... Summoning bird shit!) is him saying, over and over, "Man with the Butterfly" in French!
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    • Richie and Eddie's landlord ropes them into to minding his shop while he goes to a funeral, which naturally goes straight to Richie's head. He starts proudly going on about how England is "a nation of shopkeepers" and how that makes them better than countries like France and Italy, no doubt unaware that the saying was prominently used by Emperor Napoleon I. And he meant it derisively. While the phrase has been taken as Insult Backfire by Britons smarter than Richie since then, the original meaning is referred to when Eddie skeptically demands to know exactly what's so great about being a nation of shopkeepers in the first place:
    Richie: It's what makes us better than everyone else! Because we know... how to run a corner shop.
    • Eddie and Richie talk about church:
    Eddie: When did you last go to church?
    Richie: Well I don't have to go - I'm Church of England. What are you, Eddie?
    Eddie: I don't know.
    Richie: Well, what was your mother?
    Eddie: A wrestler.
    Richie: Well, maybe that's enough general knowledge for one day.
    Richie: (to his landlord) Oh, great. Come in, sit down. Eddie, a cup of tea!
    Eddie: Oh, yes please.
  • Drunk with Power: Eddie and Richie put in charge of running their landlord's shop when he has to go to a funeral. Naturally, this goes straight to Richie's head, and as soon as he gets the white coat on he's threatening to punch old ladies, shouting abuse at a man who's just trying to buy champagne for his daughter's birthday and making Eddie wear his suit jacket back-to-front.


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