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Recap / Bottom Break

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The two have been caught filling their glasses from the drip tray at the bar and ran into Dodgy Bob McMayday who has sold them a holiday to Bridlington for £4000 which they must pay by Christmas or die. Richie packs and goes off to try on his swimming trunks. Eddie pretends to call Cher and finds out that Richie has got his trunks on so tight you cant see them.

After getting them off Richie realises they will need to lose some weight. Richie tries to get liposuction using the hoover and gets his area trapped. Richie later makes a lifting machine out of bungie cord and the fridge, Eddie notices a photo of Desmond Linham in the nude sellotaped the bottom of the fridge. Because Richie can't lift the fridge, Eddie makes a treadmill using a motorbike as a motor. Richie goes flying out of the window and chops off Eddie's legs for revenge.


Eddie goes off to the pub with the holiday money and comes back drunk. While Eddie is out cold Richie tries look at the photo of Desmond Lynham. Eddie gets off the sofa resulting in Richie getting his head stuck. Eddie steals his ticket and gives it to a bird who has been hiding in the fridge.


  • Alcohol Hic: When Eddie gets back from seeing how far the bus station is.
  • Amusing Injuries: One of the most cartoonish no-long-term-consequences moments is when Richie cuts both Eddie's legs off with a chainsaw. Eddie then sews them back on with an ordinary needle and thread, but gets them back to front. Richie then cuts them off with the chainsaw again and sews them back on the right way round himself. Apart from walking strangely for a few moments Eddie is unaffected.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: "Charming man"
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  • Chainsaw Good: Richie reacts poorly to Eddie's reassurance that "all the birds love a scar", and cuts him down to size by chainsawing his legs off at the knee.
  • Deadly Doctor: Dr Wildthroat, who gave them rabies last year for the cost of three quid.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Eddie causes Richie to fly out of the window. Despite not being badly hurt, Richie counters this by cutting Eddie's legs off below the knee.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Richie's father, Oswald (as in Oswald Moseley) Richard, is all but stated to have been a Nazi sympathizer and traitor to Britain. Richie is, of course, far too stupid to realise this.
    Eddie: (reading from a Luftwaffe exercise book owned by Richie's father.) For all ze good vork you are doing for ze cause. Keep it up, Mum's ze vord. -Adolf.


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