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Recap / Bojack Horseman S 2 E 09 The Shot

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A scene for the Secretariat movie is up on the cutting floor, but BoJack is convinced it is crucial to the overall story of Secreteriat, so he and Kelsey plan to shoot it themselves.


  • Doing It for the Art: The episode is a deconstruction of this ideal: BoJack and Kelsey both feel that the movie needs this shot and film it guerrilla-style behind Lenny's back. The two of them are proud, but in the end, Lenny doesn't care and fires Kelsey for insubordination alone.
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  • Downer Ending: The shot turns out perfectly, but Turteltaub doesn't appreciate them going against his orders and has Kelsey fired for it.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The parole paperwork for Character Actress Margo Martindale reveals that she bit an inmate's finger off, exactly as she promised in her last appearance. This is phrased ("only bit one inmate's finger off") to match the way dialogue portrays her as a "model prisoner."
  • Heist Episode: Bojack recruits his friends to break into the Nixon Library in order to use their replica of the Oval Office to film a scene for Secretariat that the producer had cut. The episode uses many of the tropes from caper movies, including recruiting an ex-con, planning the caper, and the typical chaotic escape, but Reality Ensues at the end when they present the completed scene to the producer and he angrily fires the director for going behind his back, replacing her with someone more pliable.
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  • Men Don't Cry: The show's cold opening reveals that BoJack's mother told him never to cry in front of others, meaning he's unable to cry on command for the camera. He later steps out for a cigarette by himself and weeps.
  • Reality Ensues: Kelsey and Bojack go behind Lenny's back to get a shot they feel is important to the movie, but that he has vetoed the inclusion. Lenny isn't amused: The shot doesn't get included and Kelsey gets fired for her insubordination.
  • Reality Subtext: Kelsey giving BoJack motivation for his shot hits close to home for him.
    Kelsey: You've just been told your brother is dead and that it's your fault. But this moment is bigger than that, this is the moment that Secretariat stops running. Because this is the moment you realize something inside is is broken, and it can never be fixed. (Beat) We got it.
    BoJack: Really? I didn't cry.
    Kelsey: You didn't have to.


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