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Recap / Bobs Burgers S 8 E 9 Y Tu Ga Ga Tambien

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Mr. Frond actually comes up with a successful idea when he invents a new schoolyard game, but Gene is not on-board. Meanwhile, Linda tries coming up with a fun persona to read to children with.

  • Acquired Situational Narcissism: Being good at something physical gives normally sweet Rudy a swelled ego.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: You might think ga-ga ball is something that Mr. Frond came up with, but no, it's a real game that was invented by Israelis in the 60s.
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  • Be Yourself: Gene's speech at the end is about doing what's in your heart rather than doing something because everyone else tells you to.
  • Big "NO!": Gene when he sees his "monkey booby man" topiary cut down to make room for more ga-ga ball pits.
  • Gilligan Cut: Louise says that there's no way she'll enjoy ga-ga ball. Cut to her dominating on the pit.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • Tina says that Belchers don't give in to peer pressure, right before Jimmy Jr. asks her to join and she accepts.
    • Mr Frond claims the purpose of Ga-ga ball is to make sure no-one gets left out for not being athletic but all he does is reverse the hierarchy and spends the whole episode humiliating the losers.
  • Innocent Innuendo:
    • "Let them play with their balls. We'll play with our bushes."
    • Linda and Bob have to tell Tina not to use "bang" in her trash talking.
    Tina: What's wrong with "banged"? I banged you, I banged mom, I'm gonna bang everyone at school!
  • Never Say That Again: When Rudy starts calling himself "The Rudester", Louise asks him to never say "Rudester" ever again.
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  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Bob says that Gene must really be upset because he actually left food on his dinner plate. Gene promptly runs back in and collects the plate.
  • Peer Pressure Makes You Evil: Downplayed. Gene's complaint about ga-ga ball isn't that it's a bad game, it's that others shouldn't be pressured to do something because "everyone" loves it. In the end he agrees to a game, but not at the expense of doing what he loves.
  • Rebel Relaxation: Rudy is seen leaning against the lockers. Gene asks why he has "Matthew McConaughey's body language".
  • Swapped Roles: Because ga-ga ball favors the less athletic, students who are less physically adept (like Rudy) dominate, while some athletic students (like Zeke) are at a disadvantage.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Mr. Frond's previous "Innovations" were met with everything from indifference, to him nearly losing his job. Ga-ga ball on the other hand is a hit. Even he's surprised.
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  • Trend Aesop: Just because something's popular doesn't mean that everyone has to love it.

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