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Recap / Bob's Burgers S8E16 "Are You There, Bob? Its Me Birthday"

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"This is the saddest surprise party ever."

"I forgot your father's birthday! No! Why?!"

Bob is forced to accompany Hugo on a health inspection, so Linda can prepare a surprise party for him.

  • Both Sides Have a Point: The episode takes a middle ground between what Linda and what Bob would want. Hugo tells Bob that he should appreciate the fact that his family loves him enough to set up a party for him, and that his birthday is not only about him, but also about his loved ones celebrating him. Linda's side of the story shows Pesto telling her that planning a party that Bob clearly would dislike is not the way to celebrate his birthday either.
  • Comically Missing the Point: When she realizes that yesterday was Bob's birthday, Linda thinks back if there were any hints. One was Bob mentioning he has to renew his license (as they expire during the user's birthday), the next was a lot of letters were addressed to him (likely birthday cards) and last was the shirtless roller skater saying that Facebook let him know it was his special day (as Facebook will inform you someone you're friends with when it's their birthday). She still doesn't realize how obvious these hints were, thinking that there were none.
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  • Cue O'Clock: Hugo tells Bob that it's "health inspection o'clock".
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After being dragged along with Hugo and Ron's inspection of one of the worst restaurants out there and being forced to eat a meal that gives him food poisoning, Bob expects he'll have to go home and force himself to enjoy whatever surprise party the family has for him despite how much he hates parties. Instead, he comes back to find Linda and the kids cooked him a steak dinner, prepped the DVD player with one of his Western movies, warmed his favorite sweatpants in the dryer, and got him the bacon weight he wanted. Capping it off is Bob getting to watch Jimmy Pesto get punched in the groin by a random cyclist, making this Bob's best birthday ever.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Hugo only agrees to take Bob with him if Linda calls Hugo's parents while pretending to cry and asking if he's still available and if he'll take her back. Linda and Ron are both shocked and disappointed by how pathetic he's being.
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  • Forgotten Birthday: With the twist that Bob doesn't really mind.
  • Gag Haircut: Linda messes up Gene's haircut, cutting his bangs too much. Louise attempts to fix it by filling the gap with black marker.
  • Groin Attack: While teasing Bob, Jimmy Pesto gets accidentally hit in the groin by a passing cyclist. This makes Bob declare it his best birthday ever.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Mort has to prepare a funeral for a man who suffered this.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: Ron wishes Bob a happy birthday, which he never said it was.
  • Ignored Expert: Bob tries to tell the stockbroker he needs to take cooking lessons for his restaurant to work. He doesn't listen and even thinks he'll just open a sushi place instead, thinking it'll be easier.
  • It's All About Me: A more downplayed, innocent version comes from Linda when she realizes she's only throwing Bob a surprise party because SHE likes them, not him.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • Played straight and subverted with Hugo on two accounts. Played straight when he calls out the restaurant owner on what a completely unsanitary nightmare his establishment is. When the owner thinks he did everything right, Hugo screams at him "You did NOTHING right!" Subverted when he calls out Bob's attitude with birthday parties, saying that his family is putting the hard work into making it happen because they love him. As it's later pointed out, Linda forgot Bob doesn't like parties and was planning one because she likes them so instead she focuses on doing something she knows he'll enjoy. With that in mind, Hugo's argument comes across more as him trying to further make Bob miserable by guilt tripping him into doing something he hates.
    • As Linda and the kids are trying to arrange the party for Bob, Jimmy Pesto points out that not everybody likes surprise parties, because they involve coming home to a houseful of people who jump out and scream at you. This makes Linda realize planning a party for Bob is a mistake, so she and the kids arrange a peaceful evening for him and get the bacon weight Bob wanted.
  • Lethal Chef: The restaurant Hugo takes Bob to is run by a former stockbroker who never took a cooking lesson. Hugo finds violation after violation, each more disgusting that the last, then makes Bob eat one of the restaurant's wraps, which ends up making him violently ill.
  • Necessary Evil: A day with Hugo (And a metric ton of vomit from a filthy restaurant) makes Bob realize that asshole he may be, Hugo's job is necessary.

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