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Recap / Bobs Burgers S 8 E 10 The Secret Ceramics Room Of Secrets

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Determined to not put in the effort for a gift for Grandma, the kids try finding a fabled ceramics room supposedly walled off in the 80's due to a kiln fire. Meanwhile Teddy makes himself uncomfortably at home at the restaurant while fixing cell phone screens.

  • Dark Secret: Back when he was running for seventh grade class secretary, Mr. Frond stole some ballots and hid them inside one of the vases in the ceramics room. He felt guilty and was going to confess, but then the ceramics room burned down and was closed up, so he kept it hidden for all these years.
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  • Embarrassing Cover-Up: Tina and Gene are assigned by Louise to throw away the dust produced by breaking into the ceramics room. Their idea of trying to do it quietly and without raising suspicion is to say things like the following:
    Tina: Man, all this dandruff is so embarrassing.
    Gene: What's all this cocaine doing at school? Throw it away.
  • Heel Realization: Louise has one after seeing how desperately Frond's working to keep his Dark Secret hidden and what kind of person it turned him into. She ultimately decides she'd rather work on a gift for her grandparents instead of pretending she did and then spend years lying about it to the people she loves.
  • Ignored Epiphany: When it's pointed out Mr. Frond would be better able to relate to kids if they knew he cheated during the class secretary election because the kids would feel he was Not So Different from them and feel comfortable to truly open up about their problems, Frond instead decides to keep his secret hidden and further wrecks his ability to be a competent guidance counselor. He even ignores the advice as it's proven true right in front of him with Louise.
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  • Laborious Laziness: Tina points out to Louise that they're working harder at finding the secret ceramics room and then breaking into it than they would actually making their own gifts.
  • Only Sane Man: Tina repeatedly tries to reason with Louise and Gene that it makes more sense to make their gifts instead of wasting time they could be spending on that to search for gifts that were already made and passing them off as their own.
  • Shout-Out: Bob's burger of the day is "The Sous-Vide and the Banshees" burger.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Teddy makes himself a little too at home while he fixes broken cell phones.
  • Vote Early, Vote Often: Turns out that when Mr. Frond was running for seventh grade class secretary, he stole some of the ballots for his rival and hid them in the ceramics room. He then felt horrible about it and was going to confess but the vote for class secretary was the same week as the kiln fire, so he decided to keep quiet about it.

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