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Recap / Bobs Burgers S 11 E 6

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In this, the show's 200th episode, the family must figure out how to keep the restaurant open after Bob's flattop breaks on the morning of the Ocean Avenue Business Association's Ocean Fest on Ocean Avenue.

  • Accidental Nightmare Fuel: In-universe, Linda's mermaid statue was butt ugly and everyone but Linda could see it. When she tries to salvage it after it gets burned, her "improvements" only make it terrifying.
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  • Brutal Honesty: Unlike the other Belchers, Tina doesn’t hesitate to voice how ugly Linda’s mermaid statue is.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • The greasy rags Hugo throws at Bob during his inspection are what actually started the fire.
    • When the kids consider breaking into Pam’s not-yet-set-up restaurant to get the thermocouple, Tina writes an apology note on one of the Bob’s Burgers flyers explaining why they did it, as well as a promise to pay Pam back for the window and give the thermocouple back after their dad gets another one. When the kids decide not to go through with it and return home, Tina accidentally leaves the apology note behind and Pam ends up finding it. She’s so touched by the kids’ dedication to their father and the family restaurant (as well as appreciative that they didn’t do the breaking and entering) that she lends her thermocouple to Bob.
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  • Comically Missing the Point: Linda is momentarily charmed by the idea of Tina, Gene, and Louise working together on something, before she realizes that "something" was "creating an environment that caused a large fire."
  • Continuity Cavalcade: When Gene opens his drawer several items featured in previous episodes appear including; the Sasquatch mask (introduced in "Beefsquatch"), his Wagstaff Whalers cheerleader uniform from "Gene It On" and his Africa necklace from his Queen Latifah Halloween costume from "Full Bars."
  • Continuity Nod:
    • To Bob's speech at the start of the pilot episode, "Human Flesh." When he calls his kids "horrible" in this episode, they really take it to heart and work to try to save the restaurant. Bob also clearly says it out of stress in this episode apologizes for saying it at the end.
    • Bob asks Teddy to get a rental grill from a store called “Supplies Party,” which was seen in "Tinarannosaurus Wrecks.”
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    • A “ghost boy” graffiti tag can be seen on the dumpster behind A Shrimp-le Plan.
    • When Gene says he wants to eat at A Shrimp-le Plan when it opens, Louise reminds him he's allergic to shellfish.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Ron continues to prove he's got more morals than Hugo by dragging Hugo back to the restaurant, revealing it was Hugo's fault the fire started, forces him to apologize and adds Hugo will be paying off whatever Bob's insurance won't cover.
  • It's All My Fault: Gene, Louise and Tina all take blame for starting the fire due to their attempts to salvage Linda's horrible mermaid statue. Though Louise initially blames Gene before adding she may have helped the fire spread, she eventually shares equal blame for being awful. Though thankfully it turned out Hugo was responsible for the fire.
  • Karmic Jackpot: The kids consider breaking into Pam Shrimple's restaurant to steal her thermocouple, but can't go through with it. It then turns out Tina left behind the apology note she'd written in case they had stolen it, explaining to Pam they were trying to make up for starting the fire and promising they'd bring the thermocouple back and pay for the window eventually. Pam's so touched by the note and the circumstances behind it she allows the Belchers to use the thermocouple since her place won't be open for another month.
  • Kick the Dog: Not only is Jimmy Pesto unsympathetic to the fire in Bob's restaurant, but he also forces Trev to wear seaweed for his restaurant's art despite the latter being allergic to seaweed.
  • Long Title: Eleven words, possibly the longest episode title in the show’s history.
  • Namesake Gag: The owner of A Shrimp-le Plan is Pam Shrimple.
  • Never My Fault:
    • Louise, of course. During her version of the “It’s All My Fault” song, she sings, “It’s all Gene’s fault” before admitting there’s a slight possibility the sparklers she put on the statue may have also caused the fire. Although later she admits all of them, including her, are horrible kids for what happened.
    • Hugo has to be forced into apologizing loud enough for Bob to hear, but just before he leaves he tries to make it sound like this was Bob's fault for keeping the rags. Bob immediately calls Hugo on his bullshit.
  • Nice Girl: Pam Shrimple. When the kids leave her a note about Bob needing the thermocouple she bought earlier in the day, she stops by the restaurant to give it to him since her restaurant doesn’t open for another month.
  • Nobody Here but Us Statues: For his entry in the sculpture contest, Jimmy just has Trev stand in front of his restaurant covered in seaweeds. He's apparently some kind of sea monster.
    Trev: I think I'm allergic to seaweed.
    Jimmy Pesto: Statues don't talk!
  • Ordered Apology: What Ron forces Hugo into at the end of the episode (though Hugo makes it a Backhanded Apology despite Ron's efforts).
  • Pajama-Clad Hero: Teddy comes to help Bob while still in his pajamas since he called in the middle of the night. When he goes to the store to get the thermocouple, he briefly considers changing clothes.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Skewed Priorities: After the firefighters put out the fire, Linda is more worried about the fact that her mermaid sculpture got ruined then the fact that the restaurant’s kitchen got messed up.
  • Spiritual Sequel: To the show's first episode, "Human Flesh."
    • Both episodes are about the restaurant being in danger of shutting down because of something the kids have done and thanks to Hugo.
      • Louise told everyone at school her parents serve burgers made from human flesh they get from Mort's funeral home because she thought she didn't have anything interesting to say. The kids honestly don't do much to make things better and their half-assing only makes the restaurant look worse. Here, the kids seemingly started the fire by accident when they tried to make Linda's mermaid statue look better and are genuinely regretful for what they believe they've done.
      • Hugo spitefully allows the human flesh rumor to persist when he can easily prove it's not true. Here he accidentally starts the fire at the restaurant and has to be forced into atoning for his mistake, while still backpedaling the blame onto Bob.
    • Ron softly guilt trips Hugo into doing the right thing in "Human Flesh." Here, he drags Hugo back to the restaurant, reveals to everyone it was his fault the fire started, and forces Hugo to pay off the rest of the damage.
  • Terrible Artist: Linda's papier-mache mermaid looks awful, but only she can't seem to see it.
  • The Unsmile: Linda tries to improve her mermaid by adding teeth to make her smile. The results are anything but pleasant.

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