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Recap / Bobs Burger S 7 E 1 Fluoise

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Louise has the flu, which is made even worse when the family accidentally destroys her Kuchi Kopi doll.

  • All Just a Dream: After Louise wakes up and sees the replacement Kuchi Kopi, she thinks that her toy getting destroyed was a dream, but then Bob drops the melted Kuchi Kopi doll that was hiding behind his back. However, since she learned a lesson in forgiveness during her fever dream, she's okay with that.
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  • And You Were There: The sentient toys in Louise's dream are voiced by her family.
  • Broken Record: Akkorokamui sings about how, at her monster parties, they would drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink. She is voiced by Linda, after all.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "Thirty minutes? That's a half an hour!"
  • Forgiveness: After her family accidentally melts her Kuchi Kopi, Louise is so pissed off that she declares she will never forgive them. However, once she gets to the fortress in her dream, Good Kuchi Kopi shows that it won't change what happened. So after waking up, and seeing that the family went through a lot of trouble to get her a replacement for it, she's willing to forgive them.
  • Get Out!: Louise says this to the family when she sees what happened to Kuchi Kopi.
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  • Obviously Evil: Melted Kuchi-Kopi is very obviously evil. To everyone except Louise that is.
  • Oh, Crap!: The family is absolutely mortified when they realize they've melted Kuchi Kopi.
    Linda: Oh we're dead. We're dead!
    Bob: Oh God. We should just leave. Town. Get in the car and go. Far away.
  • Pint-Size Powerhouse: Even while sick from the flu, Louise is able to resist the combined strength of the entire family.
    Bob: How can she be so sick and yet so strong?!
    Gene: Like the economy!
  • Replacement Goldfish: When the attempt to repair it with a heat gun fails, Teddy suggests getting a new Kuchi Kopi at a nearby toy store. Louise accepts the gift at the end.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Lampshaded heavily when Good Kuchi Kopi points out the fortress represents Louise's resentment towards her family for accidentally destroying her toy.
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  • Self-Destruct Button: The Good Kuchi Kopi installed a self-destruct button in the fortress, which would also help Louise forgive her family.
  • Shout-Out: The store Bob & Teddy visit to find a replacement Kuchi Kopi is named About a Toy.
  • Weight and Switch: While Louise is napping, Bob swaps out the damaged Kuchi Kopi with a bottle of mustard so the family can try and fix it.
  • Whole Plot Reference: Louise's dream is an anime-esque version of The Wizard of Oz, with elements of The Wall.

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