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Recap / Bobs Burger S 6 E 2 The Land Ship

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"And ghost boy is supposed to be you?"

"No, Jordan, I'm not gonna turn you in. I'm going to turn myself something else."

To escape the stigma of being a bore, Tina starts dating Jordan, a student at her school who is secretly the mystery graffiti artist "Ghost Boy". Meanwhile, Bob fights to get rid of the port-a-potties parked in front of the restaurant, worried they'll take away from his business on the day of the "Land Ship" parade.

  • All for Nothing: Played with. Despite their best attempts, Bob and Linda can't get rid of the port-a-potties before the parade. Fortunately, rather than ruin their business, it actually made them very successful as people who waited in line to use them would become costumers.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Tina starts going out with Jordan when she learns he's the mysterious "Ghost Boy".
  • Awkward Kiss: Jordan has no idea how kissing is supposed to work, and instead just awkwardly shoves his whole mouth onto Tina's face.
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  • Depth Deception: The "Land Ship" incident refers to an moment in the town's history during the War of 1812. On discovering a fleet of British soldiers was coming, the townsfolk brought their sole ship onto land. When the British arrived that night, it look like the shore was further than it was and their ships ran aground, making them easy pickings for the American militia-men.
  • Eureka Moment: Jimmy Pesto mocks Bob for having to deal with porta-potties in front of his restaurant, pointing out on the day of the parade that Bob doesn't usually have a line in front of his restaurant. This gives Bob the idea to sell refreshments to the people waiting in line to use the porta-potties, and actually brings in quite a bit of business.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Tina is all for helping Jordan with his late-night graffiti art, but has second thoughts about tagging the sail on the float for the Land Ship parade.
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  • Good Is Boring: Tina is accused of being a goody two-shoes who blindly obeys authority by her classmates.


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