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Recap / Bobs Burger S 4 E 6 Purple Rain Union

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"We're the Ta-tas
We're gonna rock ya..."

"She wants my high school band to play there, and I don't want to be humiliated all over again!"

Linda gets her old band back together for her high school reunion, while Bob deals with the mother of all pimples.

  • Always Second Best: Linda's band, the Ta-Ta's, were this to a fellow band called Bad Hair Day. Who went on to be rich megastars.
  • Description Cut: Near the end of the episode, Linda remarks that she didn't see Gayle after the show and assumes she must've gotten a ride home. Cut to Gayle making out with Derek Dematopolis in the back seat of his car.
  • Exposition Already Covered: After Linda has a nervous breakdown and flees from her high school reunion when her old high school band isn't going her way, Jen the babysitter gives her a Rousing Speech, which gives Linda the courage to return to her reunion. When Linda returns, Bob was about to give Linda his own inspirational speech similar to Jen, but Linda cuts him off and tells him Jen already gave her the inspirational speech and she's fine. Bob didn't mind and he went back to hang out with his new friends.
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  • Gagging on Your Words: Linda is still angry about having to come on after the show-stealing band Bad Hair Day in her high school talent show, to the point of being unable to say the words "Bad Hair Day".
  • Jerkass: The woman who organized the reunion makes it incredibly clear she had no desire to ask Linda's band to sing, mentioning they were her absolute last resort and voicing her belief that getting the Ta-Ta's automatically invalidated all her hard work. To Linda's face. She redeems herself when she bursts into tears and loudly applauds Gayle's song, being the first one to applaud and signaling the rest of the audience to do so.
  • Rise of Zitboy: Bob gets a whopper on his nose. Oddly enough, it makes him popular at the dance.
  • Rousing Speech: When Linda suffers an attack of stage fright and runs out of the reunion in tears, Jen the babysitter tells Linda she should stop worrying about trying to impress people and do what she loves, whether or not she's any good at it.
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  • Shout-Out: The title is a play on Purple Rain.
  • Take Our Word for It: When the kids finally pop Bob's huge zit, it cuts to outside the car as Bob can be heard asking why he's suddenly wet while the kids make various disgusted groans and apologies for whatever happened. Linda even tells Bob to clean the windshield, implying there was a lot packed in that zit.


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