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Recap / Bobs Burger S 2 E 4 Burgerboss

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Take care of our father, you strange nerd.

When Jimmy Pesto uses Bob's newly bought arcade of the classic "Burgerboss" to break his record and write "Bob Sux" at the top score, Bob drives himself insane trying to get the top score.

The kids go with him to the arcade and crash into birthday parties there, while Linda believes everybody is actually having sailing lessons.


  • Accidental Pervert: When Linda accuses Jimmy of making everything with Bob into a "peeing race", this comes off to the members of the Yacht Club as some sort of weird sex fetish. This is a double subversion, as Jimmy is indeed into weird sex things, but "peeing races" aren't actually a thing.
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  • Art Shift: The ending song and animation are all made in 8-bit fashion.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • Bob does this when saying that the doctor told him to not stop playing. Linda mentions his eyes cross a little when he is lying.
    • The kids spouts various of these in order to break in various birthdays parties and later, the party of the Yacht Club.
      Tina: "I'm here to change the light bulb in the lighthouse."
    • The biggest and most blatant has got to be Gene claiming that he knows a kid from Operation Desert Storm.
  • Call-Back: The fact that Jimmy is a sex pervert was mentioned back in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?", though the fetishes are different.
  • Cargo Ship: In-universe, Tina gets interested in a ice sculpture of Neptune, even kissing it.
  • Companion Cube: Linda references the time Bob took away her credit card after she bought too many porcelain babies. A Cutaway Gag shows her singing to them and kissing them as Bob watches.
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  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Jimmy talks to the machine as if he is having sex with it.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Linda is a huge fan of porcelain baby dolls.
    • Jimmy Pesto is revealed to be on the top of the waiting list for the Yacht Club membership.
  • Honor Before Reason: Bob could very well let Daryl break Jimmy Pesto's records and finish the entire issue there, but he decides that he needs to be the one to do it. At the end of the episode, he does end up paying Daryl to take care of it.
  • Lame Comeback: Bob delivers one to Jimmy Pesto. It's so long that Jimmy leaves before Bob finishes it.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Jimmy Pesto gets some payback for incessantly screwing with Bob when Linda's comment about "peeing races" is misinterpreted and ends up costing him his prospective spot in the Yacht Club.
  • Malaproper: Linda refers to Bob and Jimmy's rivalries as "peeing races", a mangling of "pissing contests".
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  • Mistaken for Racist: Bob believes there's a "race thing" going on between Daryl and his bully, even though both state that this is not the issue.
  • Mushroom Samba: Bob, tripping on painkillers, starts seeing the bullies as characters from the game, and chases them down the street while yelling "Chicken leg!"
  • Sanity Slippage: Bob becomes downright obsessed with getting Jimmy's score off the machine. It's only worsened by the pain killers he is on making him high and leading him to see other people as characters from the video game and even talking to the main character.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The character of Burgerboss is clearly Mario wearing an apron.
    • Burgerboss is a parody of BurgerTime.

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