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Here is a list of all the videos with Bob Lennon on TheFantasio974's channel and FantaBobGames.

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Minecraft series

A step-by-step house construction show, inspired by the French TV show D&CO. The houses are designed and builded by Bob Lennon while Fanta is filming.

Season 1

Description: A simple wooden house made in early Beta
Episodes: 4
First: February 21th 2011
Last: March 2nd 2011
Duration: About 1H
Other: 1 bonus footage video
Details: Ep. 1: Une toiture qui assure (A rooftop that rocks)
Ep. 2: Un intérieur cosy (Some cozy interior)
Ep. 3: Mamie Lennon Ninja (Ninja Granny Lennon)
Ep. 4: Pimp my House

Season 2

Description: A bigger and more complex house with a garden and furnitures
Episodes: 7
First: April 11th 2011
Last: May 8th 2011
Duration: About 2H15
Details: Ep. 1: Un Nouveau Style (A New Style)
Ep. 2: Pièces de choix (Pieces of choice)
Ep. 3: Le goût du détail (The taste for details)
Ep. 4: Toujours plus ! (Always more!)
Ep. 5: Aménagements (Arrangement)
Ep. 6: Bob Powa
Ep. 7: Bouquet final (Grand final)

Season 3

Description: A large fitted seafront mansion with fountains, a garage and a garden
Episodes: 14
First: November 16th 2011
Last: January 22th 2012
Duration: About 4H
Other: 1 preparation video
Details: Unnamed episodes

Season 4

Description: A 3 floored cottage on top of a mountain with a wine cellar and a forge
Episodes: 23
First: April 19th 2013
Last: August 3rd 2013
Duration: About 9H
Other: 1 preparation video
Details: Ep. 1: Structure au sommet (Structure on top)
Ep. 2: Toujours plus haut ! (Always higher!)
Ep. 3: Vive les petits montagnards ! (Long live the little mountaineers!)
Ep. 4: La maison bord de ciel (The sky rim house)
Ep. 5: Pieds aux planchers (Full throttle)
Ep. 6: Fous, Hérétiques et Impertinents (Fools, Heretics and Insolents)
Ep. 7: Une toiture pour TOUT changer ! (A rooftop to change EVERYTHING!)
Ep. 9: Du relief pour plus de STYLE ! (Relief for more STYLE!)
Ep. 10: Insérer "TITRE QUI DECHIRE" ^_^ (Insert "AWESOME TITLE" here ^_^)
Ep. 11: L'Escalier central du LUXE ! (The central staircase of LUXURY!)
Ep. 12: Cuisine Américaine ! (American Cuisine!)
Ep. 13: Tic Tac, Pacman et Harry Potter (Tick Tock, Pacman and Harry Potter)
Ep. 14: Toilettes et bain de luxe (Toilets and luxury bath)
Ep. 15: Le Bar Zen (The Zen Bar)
Ep. 16: Salon Ikéa et HiFi (IKEA living and HiFi)
Ep. 17: Chambre et la vérité sur Youtube (Room and the truth about YouTube)
Ep. 18: Jacuzzi pour la maison du LUXE !!! (Jacuzzi for the house of LUXURY!)
Ep. 19: Double FORGE !
Ep. 20: Des flammes, délicieuses flammes ! (Flames, delicious flames!)
Ep. 21: Un Bassin pour les hommes ! (A Pool for men!)
Ep. 22: Une Cave ! (A Cellar!)
Ep. 23: Le chalet de "Sauf une fois" (The "Except once" cottage)

Season 5

Description: 2 Bungalows with heavy use of Mods, made on their The Dream Season 3 Map
Episodes: Ongoing[softreturn}First: August 13th 2016
Last: Wait and See
Duration: Wait and See
Other: Heavily Modded, "prologue" episodes in The Dream season 3

    Fanta Bob Show Adventure
Co-op puzzle maps played by Fanta and Bob.

Season 1

Map: It's Better Together by FloddyFosh
Episodes: 10
First: October 7th 2011
Last: October 17th 2011
Duration: 2H47

Season 2 (Forever Together)

Map: 241 by Jellewie and Jesper
Episodes: 11
First: November 9th 2012
Last: January 30th 2013
Duration: About 4H

    Le Retour d'Hérobrine
Fanta and Bob are playing on an adventure map (Herobrine's Return by Hypixel) where the infamous Herobrine come back from the dead to annihilate the world.

Episodes: 6
First: March 21st 2013
Last: April 25th 2013
Duration: 2H20
Detail: Fanta added an epic soundtrack when they were fighting enemies (also one time Night on Bald Mountain by Bob's request)


Ep. 1: L'entrée des HEROS ! (The entrance of the HEROES!)
Ep. 2: La Malédiction du Crâne (The Curse of the Skull)
Ep. 3: Les Monts MAUDITS (The CURSED Mounts)
Ep. 5: Le Colosse (The Colossus)

    Extreme jumping maps
Fanta and Bob are playing on adventure maps consisting on jumping and freefalling while avoiding obstacles.

Season 1 (Base Jump Without Parachute)

Map: The Dropper by Bigre
Episodes: 2
First: May 13th 2013
Last: May 14th 2013
Duration: 0H50

Season 2

Map: The Dropper 2: Newton VS Darwin by Bigre
Episodes: 4
First: May 31st 2013
Last: June 7th 2013
Duration: 1H25

Fanta and Bob are lost on a desert island (Crusoe Survival by IndianaCrafting) and must accomplished several challenges before leaving it. The series and the map are named after the famous book Robinson Crusoe.

Episodes: 31
First: January 2nd 2013
Last: September 14th 2013
Duration: About 12H
Other: 1 bonus video (explosion of the island)
Details: Custom shadders to make the game look better


Ep. 1: La série de l'été !!! (The summer series!!!)
Ep. 2: Alerte à MaliBob ! (Bobwatch!)
Ep. 3: On refait le monde ! (We remake the world!)
Ep. 4: Dead Island !!!
Ep. 5: Monstres Pop (Pop Monsters)
Ep. 6: Construction sur pilotis (Building on stilts)
Ep. 7: Un parquet étincelant ! (A shiny floor!)
Ep. 8: Le Lion est Mort ce Soir (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
Ep. 9: Bob retrouve ses esprits (Bob comes back to his mind)
Ep. 10: Le Boulanger Ventriloque (The Ventriloquist Baker)
Ep. 11: La cueillette aux champignons (The mushroom picking)
Ep. 12: Poké-Gwak !!!
Ep. 13: Un bon campement ! (A good camp!)
Ep. 14: Une cage pour Vendredi (A cage for Friday)
Ep. 15: La montagne en bouse (The dirt mountain)
Ep. 16: Techno Parade de la Jungle (Jungle Techno Parade)
Ep. 17: Minage Hostile (Hostile Mining)
Ep. 18: Le Croco Géant (The Giant Croco)
Ep. 19: Mega Croco Zord
Ep. 20: Le Tombeau (The Tomb)
Ep. 21: Pompier en chaleur 7 (Hot Firemen 7)
Ep. 22: Bebel Family !
Ep. 23: A poil laineux ! (Wooly furry!)
Ep. 24: La Grosse Pomme (Thr Big Apple)
Ep. 25: La Déforestation (The Deforestation)
Ep. 26: Les maçons du Gwak (Extreme Gwak: Home Edition)
Ep. 27: Pandora Tweet
Ep. 28: Parking sauvage (Wild parking)
Ep. 29: La Croisière s'amuse (The Love Boat)
Ep. 30: On met les voiles (We set the sails)
Ep. 31: L'Arche FantaBob (The FantaBob Ark)

Accomplished challenges

  • Search the sunken ship for goodies.
  • Make torch-posts on the coast so no mobs can spawn outside the jungle.
  • Build a cottage on the coast.
  • Make a bakery on the coast.
  • Make a jukebox, find the chirp disc and throw a party with the survivors.
  • Find the lost mineshaft.
  • Build a huge cage for Friday, and make him believe that it is gonna be his new home. You can tell him that it was just a joke, you will keep animals there.
  • Build a crocodile sheped statue on the montain.
  • Make five golden hoes and name them after the survivors using an anvil.
  • Make at least fifty red wools block and make a big apple statue.
  • Build a parking and a Super Bob Market.note 

Diary entries

  • Day 371: Finally! I was able to finish this fucking challenge. The apple was difficult to build, mais the hardest was to support the gazes Fanta gives me. His eyes are more and more insisting... I will need to clothe up.
  • Day 389: Fanta is at his limit. He make a lot of efforts to not show it, but I can see it behind his berrier of bulging muscles. I can feel his fight against his undisclosed desires. I am hungry.
  • Day 401: Food becomes rare, well mostly for Fanta. Personally, I content myself with anything I can find. Food is not a problem when you can eat gravel... The cats drive me crazy.
  • Day: 475: Bob is obsessed not only by my naked body but by his supermarket with parking. He is talking about making one's pile with a drive-through. He lost his mind. But he is all I have now...
  • Bob doesn't want anymore proofs of what he undergoes :)
  • Day 842: A boat, A BOAT, A FUCKING BOAT!!! Why in hell didn't we think about it earlier? Were we too obsessed by our respective muscular body, did our wild nights hid the salvation? I am hungry.

Fanta and Bob are using the Pixelmon mod on an map of the Kanto region from the anime. Fanta tries to capture the more Pokémons possible, stop the Team Rocket and become a Pokémon Master, while Bob set the stages and plays other characters.

Episodes: 18
First: November 16th 2013
Last: ~Ongoing~
Duration: About 4H00


Ep. 1: Séquestrez les tous ! (Gotta gaol'em all!)
Ep. 2: Roubatard ! (Pidbastard!)
Ep. 3: Du-Du-Duel !!!
Ep. 4: Epic Magicarpe !!! (Epic Magikarp!!!)
Ep. 5: Evolutions !!!
Ep. 6: Dissidence !!!
Ep. 7: Fanta Volant !!! (Flying Fanta!!!)
Ep. 8: Méga Balls
Ep. 9: Jadielle Express (Viridian Express)
Ep. 10: L'arène de Pierre (Brock's Gym)
Ep. 11: "Invente un titre épique" ("Insert epic title here")
Ep. 12: On arrive à Azuria !!! (Here we are at Cerulean!!!)
Ep. 13: Bobdine, Boss d'Azuria (Bobsty, Boss of Cerulean)
Ep. 14: Go Carmin (Go Vermilion)
Ep. 15: Pillage (Raid)
Ep. 16: Major Bob !!! (Lt. Surge!!!)
Ep. 17: La croisière s'amuse (The Love Boat)
Ep. 18: Rocket Contrebande (Rocket Smuggling)
Ep. 19: Fossiles



Fanta and Bob are in some mysterious islands name the Waka islands and must accomplish several challenges.

Episodes: 1
First: February 8th 2014
Last: ~Ongoing~
Duration: 35 Minutes


Ep. 1: Les îles Waka (The Waka Islands)

Complete solo playthroughs

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Title: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Year: 2011
Platform: Steam
Developer: Bethesda
Other: Danwguard, Dragonborn and Heartfire DLCs, numerous mods, probable 100%


Episodes: Over 400 and counting
First: November 12th 2011
Last: ~Ongoing~
Duration: About 92H
Other: 1 trailer, 1 music video
Details: Special +2H 100th episode
Special +5H30 200th episode
Special +5H 300th episode

    Street Fighter X Megaman


Title: Street Fighter X Mega Man
Year: 2012
Platform: PC
Developer: Seow Zong Hui
Publisher: Capcom


Episodes: 1
Date: December 25th 2012
Duration: 1:38:11
Details: Special Christmas episode

    Asura's Wrath


Title: Asura's Wrath
Year: 2012
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Capcom
Other: 5 DLC packs (2 "untold sūtras", true ending, 2 Street Fighter battles)


Episodes: 25
First: March 27th 2013
Last: June 12th 2013
Duration: About 10H
Other: 2 bonus episodes, 1 collection video
Details: 1 episode = 1 sūtra

    Brütal Legend


Title: Brütal Legend
Year: 2009
Platform: Steam
Developer: Double Fine
Other: 2 DLC packs


Episodes: 24
First: July 13th 2013
Last: November 15th 2013
Duration: About 14H
Other: 1 trailer, 1 sidequests episode (Ep. 10.5), 2 music videos
Details: 100% Completion, Brütal difficulty

    FTL: Faster Than Light


Title: FTL: Faster Than Light
Year: 2012
Platform: Steam
Developer: Subset Games


Episodes: 4
First: October 4th 2013
Last: October 8th 2013
Duration: 2H40

    Organ Trail


Title: Organ Trail - Director's Cut
Year: 2013
Platform: Steam
Developer: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
Other: Halloween theme


Episodes: 5
First: October 29rd 2013
Last: November 2nd 2013
Duration: 2H30
Details: Team composed of himself, Fanta, Fred, Seb and Benzaie

    Ryse: Son of Rome


Title: Ryse: Son of Rome
Year: 2013
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Microsoft Studios


Episodes: 13
First: December 3rd 2013
Last: February 8th 2014
Duration: about 6H
Details: 1 co-op episode with Fanta

Complete co-op playthroughs

    Trine 2


Title: Trine 2
Year: 2011
Platform: Steam
Developer: Frozenbyte
Publisher: Atlus


Episodes: 26
First: December 18th 2011
Last: September 11th 2012
Duration: About 6H
Details: Fanta is Pontius, Bob is Zoya and Benzaie is Amadeus

    Serious Sam 3: BFE


Title: Serious Sam 3: BFE
Year: 2011
Platform: Steam
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Devolver Digital


Episodes: 16
First: March 17th 2012
Last: January 24th 2013
Duration: About 4H
Details: Lack the four first chaptersnote , Fanta hosts (he is Sam)

    Resident Evil 6


Title: Resident Evil 6
Year: 2012
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Capcom
Other: Given by Capcom to Fanta and Bobnote 


Episodes: 86
First: October 2nd 2012
Last: June 14th 2013
Duration: About 24H
Other: 1 collection video (by Bob only)
Details: Leon (Fanta) & Helena (Bob): Ep. 1 to 30
Jake (Bob) & Sherry (Fanta): Ep. 31 to 50
Chris (Fanta) & Piers (Bob): Ep. 51 to 72
Ada (Bob) & Agent (Fanta): Ep. 73 to 86

    Saints Row: The Third


Title: Saints Row: The Third
Year: 2011
Platform: Steam
Developer: Volition, Inc.
Publisher: THQ
Other: Several DLCs including "The Trouble With Clones", "Gangstas In Space" and "Genkibowl VII"


Episodes: 60
First: May 7th 2013
Last: July 30th 2013
Duration: About 22H
Details: In co-op with Fanta

    Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara


Title: Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
Year: 1996 (original) / 2013 (re-release)
Platform: Steam
Developer: Capcom
Other: Played within the Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara re-released compilation


Episodes: 4
First: August 2nd 2013
Last: August 6th 2013
Duration: About 2H
Details: Fanta is Miles (Cleric) and Bob is Jared (Fighter)

    Saints Row IV


Title: Saints Row IV
Year: 2013
Platform: Steam
Developer: Volition, Inc.
Publisher: Deep Silver
Other: Several DLCs including "Enter the Dominatrix"


Episodes: 53
First: August 23rd 2013
Last: November 26th 2013
Duration: About 20H
Other: 1 trailer, 4 "Enter the Dominatrix" episodes
Details: In co-op with Fanta

    Dead Rising 3


Title: Dead Rising 3
Year: 2013
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Microsoft Studios


Episodes: 29
First: November 27th 2013
Last: January 14th 2014
Duration: About 15H00
Details: In co-op with Fanta (as Dick)

Other solo gameplay videos

     Nawak Lennon Shows 

     Epic Lennon Tests 

     Retro Lennon Shows 

     Battle Lennon 

     Beta Lennon 

     Twitch channels 

Other co-op gameplay videos

    Fanta & Bob, les aventuriers de Minecraft 
A Minecraft themed maps visit by Fanta and Bob.

An Alice in Wonderland episode was also shot, but never aired.

On other channels

     At0mium's Twitch 

     Biloulette's Twitch 

     Other channels 

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