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Recap / Blood Drive

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Season 1

  1. The Fucking Cop: Police officer Arthur Bailey is thrust into a blood-soaked cross country race.
  2. Welcome To Pixie Swallow: The race stops off at a roadside diner with a unique menu.
  3. Steel City Nightfall: Arthur and Grace must fend off a city of gas-guzzling mutants.
  4. In The Crimson Halls Of Kane Hill: The hunt for Karma leads to a madhouse gone madder.
  5. The Fucking Dead: A potent sex-virus turns everyone into lunatics.
  6. Booby Traps: Tragedy is revealed as Grace and Arthur happen upon an Amazonian run Hell.
  7. The Gentleman's Agreement: A new ringmaster and a super strong monster turn things upside down.
  8. A Fistful Of Blood: Arthur and Grace stop off in a powerless town, with a dangerous sheriff.
  9. The Chopsocky Special: A wounded Arthur goes on a vision quest.
  10. Scar Tissue: Arthur becomes enamored with a suburbia that has a dark secret.
  11. Rise Of The Primo: Secrets are revealed as the Drive concludes in a blood soaked dome battle.
  12. Faces Of Blood Drive: Grace and Christopher try to save Arthur's soul. Literally.
  13. Finish Line: Everything come to a climax at Heart Enterprises HQ.

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