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Recap / Bless The Harts S 1 E 4 Cremains Of The Day

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  • Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie: Jenny's father's last request was for his ashes to be scattered over the bridge during the Halloween party. Betty has had thirteen years to do so but never did, and now the bridge is going to be torn down.
  • Camera Obscurer: Wayne took a photo of what he thought was the hitchhiking ghost, but was actually Jenny. Violet and Betty warn him about showing them the picture, but it turns out he had it in selfie mode and only took a photo of himself screaming.
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  • Daydream Surprise: Jenny plans to do a motorcycle jump over a fire just like her dad used to do. She appears to do it flawlessly, scattering her father's ashes as well. Then she is shown still standing there, which his Lampshaded by the Mayor when he says she's just been standing still.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: Violet is on the receiving end of this from Wayne. Her middle name is Elizabeth.
  • Halloween Episode: Halloween is special for the Harts because it was Betty’s late husband's favorite holiday.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Wayne and Jenny see each other from a distance while out in the woods. Wayne thinks Jenny is Lydia the hitchhiking ghost and calls out to her; Jenny thinks Wayne is the ghost of her father and calls him right back. After they tell their stories, Violet and Betty figure out what happened but don't let on to spare their feelings.
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  • Sexy Whatever Outfit: Lampshaded by Brenda when Jenny reveals her Halloween costume. The Brendas are all wearing slutty costumes.

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