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Recap / Blackadder S 4 E 4 Private Plane

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  • Fate Worse than Death: Or a fate worse than a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Going Commando: Lord Flashheart boasts that he wears no underwear, because "the pants haven't been built yet that'll take the job on!"
  • Incoming Ham: Lord Flashheart
    • Eat knuckle, Fritz!
    • Hey, girls! Look at my machinery!
  • I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: Adrian Edmondson could have been cast for the sole reason of appearing against Rik Mayall, his long-time work partner. In their double-act most of the constant violence (and occasional gay jokes) are directed at Mayall, so it seems too much of a co-incidence that Mayall's Flashheart immediately shoots Edmondon's Red Baron and loudly proclaims "What a poof!"
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  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Flashheart helps Blackadder get back at Darling for leaving him a prisoner.
  • Large Ham: Lord Flashheart really likes his own voice.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: On being caught by Baron von Richthoven, Captain Flashheart appears to listen to the Baron's gloating speech for about a minute before suddenly shooting him dead mid-sentence with the observation "What a poof!"
    • Possibly to the point of being a subversion, since the Baron's speech is more along the lines of "Wow, I finally get to meet the great Lord Flashheart! As men of honour, we'll surely have so much in common and will have a glorious and dignified duel with each other!" than a Break Them by Talking, not having realised that Flashheart is in it for England, not for personal glory or the love of combat.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Edmund's view on Lord Flashheart.
    Edmund: Unfortunately, most of the infantry thinks you're a prat. Ask them who they'd prefer to meet. Squadron commander Flashheart or the man that cleans out the public toilets in Aberdeen, they'd go for Wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop everytime.
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  • Stock Footage: For the flying sequences, footage from Aces High was re-edited and dubbed over with the actors' voices.
  • Unishment: Richthofen intends to punish Blackadder by sending him back to Germany, where he will spend the rest of the war teaching German schoolgirls home economics. He clearly doesn't know who he's dealing with.
    Richthofen: For you, as a man of honour, ze humiliation vill be UNBEARABLE!
  • Worthy Opponent: The Red Baron regards Flashheart as this. Flashheart’s response? Boom Head Shot.


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