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Recap / Black Lightning 2018 S 2 E 6 The Perdi

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Tobias orders Khalil to take out Rev. Holt, when he refuses to sell his clinic to him. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Anissa investigate odd activity in South Freeland. Lynn has to come to terms with the kids in the pods dying on her watch. While, a still very much alive Gambi tries to find out who put the hit on him.

  • Big Bad Ensemble: A new player is introduced this episode, meaning Tobias is no longer the solo threat - the Sange white metas - led and controlled by a mysterious woman called the Looker, who rule South Freeland, terrorizing the black folks - the Perdi who live in the surrounding woods there for centuries ever since the Civil War.
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  • Badass Normal: Rev. Holt tells the city counciler, that it's been an open secret that Tobias was still alive and running the One Hundred and that he's not interested in his money.
  • Black Gal on White Guy Drama: Anaya and Deacon's relationship. Justified in that he's a Sange, one of a group of white metas controlled by the Looker who terrorize the black people in South Freeland. Anaya notes that while racial relationships in South Freeland have never been good, the Looker has been deliberately worsening it and would come down very hard on any proof of the Sange and Perdi intermingling.
  • Category Traitor: When the ASA refuses to let Lynn name those who died, their families get furious implying that Lynn is doing this to them because they're black.
  • Chocolate Baby: Anaya's hopes of keeping her relationship with Deacon secret are dashed when she gives birth to a light-skinned baby.
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  • Curb Stomp Cushion: Khalil vs. Tobias is pretty one-sided in the latter's favor but Khalil puts up a good fight.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Lynn's guilt for the loss of the pod kids and how she cannot give their loved ones any answers drives her straight into a bottle until she's heaving and crying on the bathroom floor.
  • Faking the Dead: Gambi survived his car crash - by jumping out of it and detonating it himself and he's staying low until he finds out who paid for the hit.
  • Internal Reveal: Khalil pieces together that Tobias was the one behind the attack on the freedom march, meaning his "savior" caused his paralysis that drove him to evil in the first place.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Gambi is in no hurry to tell anybody - not even the Pierce family he's still alive.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: The combination of Tobias demeaning Khalil and ordering him to kill Rev. Holt, plus Khalil's realization that Tobias was responsible for him being crippled to begin with leads to this. Unfortunately for Khalil, he loses pretty badly when he tries to fight Tobias.
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  • The Un Twist: Gambi being alive is a surprise to nobody, given the character's importance to the plot and knack for getting out of impossible spots.
  • Wham Episode: There was another kid given the vaccine who survived - a white lady who's dubbed herself the Looker and turned South Freeland into her own kingdom.

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