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Recap / Black Dynamite S 1 E 3 "Taxes and Death" or "Get Him to the Sunset Strip!"

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Don't leave me hanging, brah!
Upon discovering he owes the IRS $60,000 in taxes, Black Dynamite decides to take on a job that he will soon regret, escorting a drug-addled and emotionally unstable Richard Pryor to the comedy performance on the sunset strip of his career.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • The Farmer and the Viper: When Black Dynamite's friends, hoes and the kids at the Whorephanage hear about Black Dynamite's tax trouble, they all pitch in and successfully accumulate the money he needs to pay off the IRS. Rather than appreciating their hard work and acts of kindness, Black Dynamite destroys the money and tells them all off for their collective-handout. It's implied that this is because he's a pimp, and that's what pimps do.
    Black Dynamite: I'd take this money if I didn't need it, but now that I do need it, there ain't no way I'm gonna take it. [Tears the money up.] Now get back out there on that block and get that money I don't need.
  • First Rule of the Yard: After Richard and Black Dynamite are thrown in the cell, the unprovoked Richard decides to issue ultimatum to the other cellmates that the improbably cool Black Dynamite will "whoop [their] ass[es]" if they try anything. Since everything Richard Pryor says elicits uncontrolled laughter to those around him, any attempts at being serious falls flat.
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  • Intimidating Revenue Service: Because of the extensive debt he owes the IRS, Black Dynamite has been targeted by them and their various assassination attempts. This is especially troubling since they have been trying to kill him before the due date of his payment.
  • It's Snowing Cocaine: Richard Pryor is presented deep within his cocaine addiction. He was even able to snort an entire briefcase worth of coke within seconds with no obvious side-effects.
  • The Three Certainties in Life: Death and taxes is a heavy theme in the episode. And by heavy, I mean that if you don't pay your taxes, the IRS will f#%#ing kill you!!! They even try to kill him in various ways before his taxes are even due!
  • The Unwitting Comedian: Richard Pryor is SO hilarious, that anyone that hears him speak will laugh hysterically (except Black Dynamite, who has No Sense of Humor). It gets SO bad however, he tries to seriously threaten someone in jail, only for them to laugh in his face, not taking him seriously.

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