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Recap / Black Dynamite S 1 E 2 "Bullhorn Nights" or "Murder She Throats"

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Ew! He's touching it!
Black Dynamite has Bullhorn go undercover in the porn industry as the smooth talking rhyming "Sweet Throat" to investigate a string of murders involving black porn stars. They soon uncover a scheme to stop the world's first interracial porno, but Bullhorn finds the life of celebrity too appealing to help them.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • Censor Box: Used for comedic effect. ESPECIALLY with Ringo Mandingo.
  • Gag Penis: Ringo Mandingo has one close to a meter at least. And when it was dismembered in his murder it was how Bullhorn recognized that Cousin Ringo was the victim.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Bullhorn's family favored Ringo Mandingo over him because Ringo had a Gag Penis... and that his family often made Ringo dance for money while ignoring Bullhorn (even when Bullhorn came home with a perfect report card, a random man told him, "Ah, nobody care about yo' grades," and Bullhorn's mom tells him to get some money from his piggybank for Ringo).
  • Meaningful Name: Bullhorn's porn-star name "Sweet Throat" shares the name of a 1980 Adult film of the same name.

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