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Recap / Black Clover Saussy Village Rescue Arc

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  • Cyanide Pill: Instead of being interrogated by Magna after his defeat and losing the chance to complete his mission, Heath freezes himself and then shatters the ice to protect his unknown leader.
  • Fantastic Racism: Heath looks down on Saussy's villagers as little more than "filthy beasts", due to them being from the Forsaken Realm of Clover Kingdom.
  • Kill the Poor: Asta, Magna and Noelle happen upon Heath Grice and his associates covering the village of Saussy in an impenetrable (except for Asta's Anti-Magic sword) dome of mist, just saving the entire village from being crushed by his ice. When questioned why he tried killing them, Heath explains how he considers anyone who lives in the Foresaken region are nothing more than "filthy beasts" inferior to those of the higher classes and that they deserved extermination.
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  • Mysterious Mist: Heath's team of mages creates a mist that covers all of Saussy.

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