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Recap / Bionicle 2015 The Legend

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In the mystical island of Okoto, the brothers Ekimu and Makuta create masks for the villagers, who like Ekimu's more. Makuta becomes jealous and decides to break the rules and create a mask with all multiple elemental powers, which backfires and takes him over.


  • All Your Powers Combined: The Mask of Ultimate Power.
  • Easter Egg: When the brothers are shaking hands, there's a cloud in the background shaped suspiciously like the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time from the first generation. The Vahi has since appeared in every webisode in some way.
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  • Mask of Power: Ekimu's Mask of Creation, Makuta's Mask of Control and the Mask of Ultimate Power. Also the masks they make for the villagers, though the extent of their powers (if any) is unclear.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Ekimu and Makuta, though more one-sided since only Makuta was jealous of Ekimu.
    • Cain and Abel: Ekimu's Abel to Makuta's Cain once the Mask of Ultimate Power takes over Makuta.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Ekimu and Makuta are highly skilled mask makers, with Ekimu making masks that receive the most praise from the villagers.

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