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Recap / Biker Mice From Mars S 3 E 4 Diet Of Worms

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The Biker Mice have to deal with a gathering of Lawrence Limburger and the bosses of other Plutarkian bases on Earth.

This episode contains examples of

  • Alliterative Name: Two of the Plutarkian bosses seen in this episode are Gutama Gouda and Gerald Gruyere.
  • The Big Easy: Gerald Gruyere is based in New Orleans.
  • Eyepatch of Power: One-Eyed Jack Monterey wears an eyepatch on his human mask even though both of his eyes are shown to be okay when his mask is briefly removed.
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  • Mugged for Disguise: Vinnie, Throttle, and Modo infiltrate the gathering by knocking out three Plutarkian waiters and donning their clothes. They take care of the fact that they are Martian mice by wearing Plutarkian masks that were located nearby.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Gutama Gouda is in several ways very much like a hippie, such as coming to the gathering in a school bus and wearing a pendant with the peace sign on it.
  • Ragin' Cajun: Gerald Gruyere speaks with a Cajun accent and is every bit as unpleasant as your standard Plutarkian.

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