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Recap / Big Mouth S 01 E 04 Sleepover A Harrowing Ordeal Of Emotional Brutality

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Jessi and Jay hold separate slumber parties, where the boys and girls have their friendships tested.


  • Big Brother Bully: Val and Kurt demonstrate how much they love to torment Jay.
  • Sand In My Eyes: Andrew incapacitates Kurt by squirting cream into his eyes.
    Andrew: It stings, but it's worth it!
  • Squick: In-Universe. Andrew and Nick are grossed out when Jay says that he eats the soup bags that he uses for having sex with his pillow.
    • Happens to Andrew and Nick again when Val and Kurt reveal that one of them has to eat a biscuit that has their cum on it if the former want to watch the porno that is in the latter's' possession.


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