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Recap / Big Mouth S 01 E 02 Everybody Bleeds

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When the ovum first descends
And is expelled
And is expelled with uterine lining
And the flow, and the menstural flow begins
Out the vagina
Out the vagina, it all comes sliding
No, no you're not alone
Cause everybody bleeeeds...

Jessi gets her first period. In the Statue of Liberty. Wearing white shorts.


  • Everyone Has Standards: Matthew considers himself above snarking about Jessi's period, thought that doesn't stop him from at least making rather harmless snarks.
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  • First Period Panic: Jessi picked the worst day to wear white shorts. Part of her angst is knowing that this was on her.
  • He-Man Woman Hater: The women's toilets in the Statue of Liberty were deliberately understocked on toilet paper because the janitor wanted to spite an entire gender for his wife leaving him.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Nick and Andrew have a hard time handling the news of Jessi's period.
  • Mistaken for Terrorist: The security guards immediately profile Jay based on his swarthiness. They've previously done the same to Kal Penn.
  • Second Episode Introduction:
    • Connie makes her debut, establishing that Maurice isn't the only hormone monster.
    • Caleb, Lars, Devin, Devon and Lola are all introduced, though Lars is only known as "wheelchair kid".
    • Mr Lizer is set up as a foil to Coach Steve
    • The ladybug first appears.
  • Straw Feminist: Mr Lizer tries to make the Statue of Liberty sound like a product of the patriarchy using some flimsy logic.
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  • Super Couple: Devin and Devon. Sitting with them is considered the highest honour among the kids.
  • Wondrous Ladies Room: Averted. When Jessi calls for Andrew to come into the ladies' room he is disappointed to discover that it is no better than the men's room.

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