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The following is a list of episode titles and summaries for the Netflix animated comedy, Big Mouth, about four friends going through the pains of puberty and modern sexual issues.

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    Season 1 
  1. Ejaculation: While Andrew is self-conscious of his out-of-control hormones, Nick angsts about his lack thereof.
  2. Everybody Bleeds: Jessi gets her first period. In the Statue of Liberty. Wearing white shorts.
  3. Am I Gay?: Andrew wonders if he might be attracted to Nick.
  4. Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality: Jessi and Jay hold separate slumber parties, where the boys and girls have their friendships tested.
  5. Girls Are Horny Too: A best-selling erotic novel piques the curiosity of everyone in town.
  6. Pillow Talk: Nick and Andrew go to New York while Jay's relationship with his pillow becomes more than what he signed up for.
  7. Requiem for a Wet Dream: During the build-up to the school science fair, Andrew and Missy try going steady, with Andrew swearing off masturbation. Coach Steve develops feelings for a colleague.
  8. The Head Push: A sexual assault takes place when a party is thrown at the Glouberman's.
  9. I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah: Jessi's rite-of-passage becomes a rollercoaster of emotion.
  10. The Pornscape: After getting dumped by Missy, Andrew develops a porn addiction that consumes his life. Meanwhile, a serial killer starts targeting women and girls with ponytails just as Jessi decides to run away from home.

    Season 2 
  1. Am I Normal?: While Andrew is self-conscious of his out-of-control hormones, Nick angsts about his lack thereof. Again.
  2. What Is It About Boobs?: The boys all take notice of Gina's over-development, which causes self-esteem issues for Missy and Jessi.
  3. The Shame Wizard: After getting caught masturbating over Leah's swimsuit, Andrew is forced to face the consequences of his rampant sexuality. Nick starts trying to woo Gina.
  4. Steve the Virgin: Coach Steve's relationship with Jay's mother reaches fever-pitch. Lola takes an interest in Andrew.
  5. The Planned Parenthood Show: After losing his virginity, Coach Steve gets sexually educated by the kids on STDs, abortion and birth control.
  6. Drug Buddies: Jessi and Nick let go of their hangups after Jessi breaks into her dad's private stash. Meanwhile, Andrew's relationship with Lola goes sour.
  7. Guy Town: Jessi's dad is forced to move into a sleazy inn, where the boys all have their definitions of manliness redefined.
  8. Dark Side of the Boob: During a lunar eclipse, the Shame Wizard pushes the kid's buttons and tries to turn them against each other. Part 1 of 2.
  9. Smooch or Share: While the Shame Wizard is distracted by Coach Steve's eccentricities, the kids are left to self-reflect. Part 2 of 2.
  10. The Department of Puberty: Nick, Andrew and Jessi enter the realm of Human Resources to sort out their personal problems.

    Season 3 
  1. Girls Are Angry Too: When a shop class mishap inspires a sexist dress code, Jessi rebels, Missy struggles to keep her alter ego in check, and Andrew gets a wake-up call.
  2. Cellsea: Nick is bewitched by his cool new phone. A call from "Pharmacy Boy" turns Matthew into a nervous wreck. Jay finds a Netflix show made just for him.
  3. Obsessed: Cellsea goads Nick into posting a risqué video, Maury urges Matthew to speed things up with Aiden, and Jay feeds Missy ideas for her erotic fiction.
  4. Florida: While Nick tags along with the Gloubermans on a wild road trip to Florida, Jay discovers he's been "Home Alone'd" — and moves in with a new family.
  5. How To Have An Orgasm: Connie gives Jessi a crash course in female pleasure, Maury tries to talk Andrew into sending a dick pic, and Nick lashes out at his new housemate.
  6. Duke: The ghost of Duke Ellington takes Nick and friends on a journey back in time to 1913: the year he lost his virginity and found his true calling.
  7. Rankings: As the friends feverishly swap lists of the hottest kids at school, newcomer Ali stokes the flames by announcing she's pansexual.
  8. The ASSes: A big standardized test sends everyone into a panic — except for Jay, who just scored an Adderall prescription.
  9. Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!: A provocative school musical unleashes Missy's inner thespian — and her new Hormone Monstress. The Queer Eye Fab Five pay a visit to Coach Steve.
  10. Super Mouth: When a freak storm gives everyone new superpowers, tensions between Andrew, Nick and friends boil over into an epic showdown.

    Season 4 
  1. The New Me: At sleep-away camp, Jessi befriends her trans cabinmate, and Nick discovers his two best friends have a little too much in common.
  2. The Hugest Period Ever: When Jessi deals with menstrual mayhem, Nick tries to avoid showering with the guys, and Missy gets a makeover from her cousins in Atlanta.
  3. Poop Madness: On the last night of camp, bowel problems, a talent show and a hookup lead to chaos — and hurt feelings. Back home, Jay and Lola throw a pool party.
  4. Cafeteria Girls: After seeing their eighth grade classmates coupled up, Nick and Andrew make a play for two seventh grade girls. Jessi adjusts to life in the city.
  5. A Very Special 9/11 Episode: On a trip to the 9/11 museum, Nick and Andrew sneak off to meet Jessi, Devon teaches Missy about code-switching, and Coach Steve gets a rude surprise.
  6. Nick Starr: Thirty years in the future, rich but lonely game show host Nick prepares to flee a dying Earth. But first he has to track down the perfect plus-one.
  7. Four Stories About Hand Stuff: The kids at Bridgeton Middle explore enthusiastic consent, feminine pleasure, coercion and more in four short films.
  8. The Funeral: Wracked with guilt, Andrew tries to keep his urges in check. Matthew's mom ices him out of the church bake-off after reading his texts.
  9. Horrority House: A trippy haunted house hosted by Kappa Kappa Kill forces each of the friends to reckon with their biggest fears.
  10. What Are You Gonna Do?: Forced out of his own body by his smug alter-ego, Nick fights back — with help from his friends and the Gratitoad. Matthew comes out to his dad.

  1. My Furry Valentine: The kids go through the joys and pains (mostly pains) of Valentine's Day.


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