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The following is a list of episode titles and summaries for the Netflix animated comedy, Big Mouth, about four friends going through the pains of puberty and modern sexual issues.

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    Season 1 
  1. Ejaculation: While Andrew is self-conscious of his out-of-control hormones, Nick angsts about his lack thereof.
  2. Everybody Bleeds: Jessi gets her first period. In the Statue of Liberty. Wearing white shorts.
  3. Am I Gay?: Andrew wonders if he might be attracted to Nick.
  4. Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality: Jessi and Jay hold separate slumber parties, where the boys and girls have their friendships tested.
  5. Girls Are Horny Too: A best-selling erotic novel piques the curiosity of everyone in town.
  6. Pillow Talk: Nick and Andrew go to New York while Jay's relationship with his pillow becomes more than what he signed up for.
  7. Requiem for a Wet Dream: During the build-up to the school science fair, Andrew and Missy try going steady, with Andrew swearing off masturbation. Coach Steve develops feelings for a colleague.
  8. The Head Push: A sexual assault takes place when a party is thrown at the Glouberman's.
  9. I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah: Jessi's rite-of-passage becomes a rollercoaster of emotion.
  10. The Pornscape: After getting dumped by Missy, Andrew develops a porn addiction that consumes his life. Meanwhile, a serial killer starts targeting women and girls with ponytails just as Jessi decides to run away from home.

    Season 2 
  1. Am I Normal?: While Andrew is self-conscious of his out-of-control hormones, Nick angsts about his lack thereof. Again.
  2. What Is It About Boobs?: The boys all take notice of Gina's over-development, which causes self-esteem issues for Missy and Jessi.
  3. The Shame Wizard: After getting caught masturbating over Leah's swimsuit, Andrew is forced to face the consequences of his rampant sexuality. Nick starts trying to woo Gina.
  4. Steve the Virgin: Coach Steve's relationship with Jay's mother reaches fever-pitch. Lola takes an interest in Andrew.
  5. The Planned Parenthood Show: After losing his virginity, Coach Steve gets sexually educated by the kids on STDs, abortion and birth control.
  6. Drug Buddies: Jessi and Nick let go of their hangups after Jessi breaks into her dad's private stash. Meanwhile, Andrew's relationship with Lola goes sour.
  7. Guy Town: Jessi's dad is forced to move into a sleazy inn, where the boys all have their definitions of manliness redefined.
  8. Dark Side of the Boob: During a lunar eclipse, the Shame Wizard pushes the kid's buttons and tries to turn them against each other. Part 1 of 2.
  9. Smooch or Share: While the Shame Wizard is distracted by Coach Steve's eccentricities, the kids are left to self-reflect. Part 2 of 2.
  10. The Department of Puberty: Nick, Andrew and Jessi enter the realm of Human Resources to sort out their personal problems.

    Season 3 
  1. Girls Are Angry Too: When a shop class mishap inspires a sexist dress code, Jessi rebels, Missy struggles to keep her alter ego in check, and Andrew gets a wake-up call.
  2. Cellsea: Nick is bewitched by his cool new phone. A call from "Pharmacy Boy" turns Matthew into a nervous wreck. Jay finds a Netflix show made just for him.
  3. Obsessed: Cellsea goads Nick into posting a risqué video, Maury urges Matthew to speed things up with Aiden, and Jay feeds Missy ideas for her erotic fiction.
  4. Florida: While Nick tags along with the Gloubermans on a wild road trip to Florida, Jay discovers he's been "Home Alone'd" — and moves in with a new family.
  5. How To Have An Orgasm: Connie gives Jessi a crash course in female pleasure, Maury tries to talk Andrew into sending a dick pic, and Nick lashes out at his new housemate.
  6. Duke: The ghost of Duke Ellington takes Nick and friends on a journey back in time to 1913: the year he lost his virginity and found his true calling.
  7. Rankings: As the friends feverishly swap lists of the hottest kids at school, newcomer Ali stokes the flames by announcing she's pansexual.
  8. The ASSes: A big standardized test sends everyone into a panic — except for Jay, who just scored an Adderall prescription.
  9. Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!: A provocative school musical unleashes Missy's inner thespian — and her new Hormone Monstress. The Queer Eye Fab Five pay a visit to Coach Steve.
  10. Super Mouth: When a freak storm gives everyone new superpowers, tensions between Andrew, Nick and friends boil over into an epic showdown.

    Season 4 
  1. The New Me: At sleep-away camp, Jessi befriends her trans cabinmate, and Nick discovers his two best friends have a little too much in common.
  2. The Hugest Period Ever: When Jessi deals with menstrual mayhem, Nick tries to avoid showering with the guys, and Missy gets a makeover from her cousins in Atlanta.
  3. Poop Madness: On the last night of camp, bowel problems, a talent show and a hookup lead to chaos — and hurt feelings. Back home, Jay and Lola throw a pool party.
  4. Cafeteria Girls: After seeing their eighth grade classmates coupled up, Nick and Andrew make a play for two seventh grade girls. Jessi adjusts to life in the city.
  5. A Very Special 9/11 Episode: On a trip to the 9/11 museum, Nick and Andrew sneak off to meet Jessi, Devon teaches Missy about code-switching, and Coach Steve gets a rude surprise.
  6. Nick Starr: Thirty years in the future, rich but lonely game show host Nick prepares to flee a dying Earth. But first he has to track down the perfect plus-one.
  7. Four Stories About Hand Stuff: The kids at Bridgeton Middle explore enthusiastic consent, feminine pleasure, coercion and more in four short films.
  8. The Funeral: Wracked with guilt, Andrew tries to keep his urges in check. Matthew's mom ices him out of the church bake-off after reading his texts.
  9. Horrority House: A trippy haunted house hosted by Kappa Kappa Kill forces each of the friends to reckon with their biggest fears.
  10. What Are You Gonna Do?: Forced out of his own body by his smug alter-ego, Nick fights back — with help from his friends and the Gratitoad. Matthew comes out to his dad.

    Season 5 
  1. No Nut November: The group make a bet to see how long they can go without masturbating.
  2. The Shane Lizard Rises: Wanting to regain his mojo, the Shame Wizard tries to make people feel shameful of their body parts.
  3. Lovebugs: The Lovebugs, Walter and Sonya, are assigned to Nick and Jessi respectively and try to get them to hook up.
  4. The Green Eyed Monster: The group deals with jealousy in different ways.
  5. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving comes to town and both Andrew and Missy spend it rebelling against their parents.
  6. Best Friends Make the Best Lovers: While Nick and Andrew go on a boys night out, Missiy taps into her hateful side and unleashes a vicious internet rumor against Jessi and Ali.
  7. I F**king Hate You: When Walter becomes a Hate Worm, he and Nick team up with Missy and her Hate Worm Rochelle to cause trouble.
  8. A Very Big Mouth Christmas: A vignette of stories to see how the characters celebrate the holidays.
  9. Sugarbush: While on a ski trip, things get out of control with Nick's new hateful attitude while Jay and Matthew bond.
  10. Re-New Year's Eve: Nick follows Walter into the Human Resources world and soon meets the man in charge, while Missy finally rids herself of Rochelle.

    Season 6 
  1. The Hookup House: After being snowed in with their families, the restless friends flock to Bridgeton's latest make-out spot. A new classmate catches Missy's eye.
  2. Twenty Two and You: A DNA test leads Nick to uncover a family secret. Jay insists on introducing Matthew to the Bilzerian clan. Andrew puts his lovebug to the test.
  3. Vagina Shame: From itching to grooming to blooming, there's no lack of fodder for shame maven Rita St. Swithens.
  4. Rice Purity Test: A viral quiz about naughty deeds sparks arguments and unlikely new friendships. Matthew plans a baby shower for Maury.
  5. Andrew's Gonna Touch A Boob Tonight: While Andrew prepares for a momentous evening with Bernie, Nick sets out to meet his secret grandfather, and Jay cooks up some romance for Matthew.
  6. The Apple Brooch: The voice of a slick, new tech accessory hypnotizes people into doing things they wouldn't normally do. Missy grapples with the concept of sin.
  7. Daddy Dia!: Lola hits the jackpot - in more ways than one. Missy takes her dad to Elijah's church. the Birches make a plan to get rid of their new housemate.
  8. Asexual Healing: Elijah tries to figure out why he doesn't have the same urges as his friends. A jealous Andrew hops a train to Vermont to surprise Bernie.
  9. The Parents Aren't Alright: While Andrew and Nick deal with parental crises, Jessi meets her new sibling, and Matthew realizes he's made Jay into a different person.
  10. F**ked Up Friday: A sudden outbreak of body-swapping yields awkward situations and poignant revelations galore.

  1. My Furry Valentine: The kids go through the joys and pains (mostly pains) of Valentine's Day.