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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who Specials The Veiled Leopard

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Peri and Erimem arrive at a fancy dress party in Monte Carlo, 1966. The Doctor, after conferring with a mysterious man in a weird vest and a straw hat, has given them orders to prevent the theft of a precious diamond: the Veiled Leopard. Peri has dressed up as an Egyptian Pharaoh for the occasion (with Erimem doing her makeup and protesting that Peri should be wearing even less for historical accuracy). Erimem has picked more modern garb and tries to get around in a bodice and heels.


At the party, the two quickly befriend the richest person there, Lady Lillian Hawthorne. Lillian saves them from having to talk to a sleazy git named Peter, and catches them up on local gossip. After Peri and Erimem have fun mocking the guests (there's a weird bodyguard in a tux and a girl in really awful colours), Erimem reveals that she knows quite a bit about the diamond Veiled Leopard. The diamond used to belong to her father, and Erimem made sure he was buried with it.

The two soon sneak out to go save the Leopard from being stolen, and the famous cat burglar, Janus, turns out to be Lady Lillian Hawthorne herself. She claims she wants to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Erimem admires her gall, and toys with the idea of letting Janus steal the leopard (after all, it technically belongs to Erimem), but they leave it be in the end.


As they leave, we hear a familiar voice... "Okay, Hex. Game on."

Ace and Hex are also at the fancy dress party in Monte Carlo, 1966. The Doctor has given them orders to prevent the theft of a precious diamond: the Veiled Leopard, which actually contains the consciousness of an entire alien culture. The Doctor made sure that it was sent to Earth for safekeeping for a few centuries, since its technology prevented it from being taken through time. In royal hands, the diamond would be safe until the time would come to steal it back. Hex (dressed as James Bond, although no one in 1966 Monte Carlo recognises him) and Ace (dressed in a rather ugly Queen Bess outfit) enjoy the party for a bit before going on their mission. Hex soon catches a man named Peter in the act, who's secretly in league with Lady Lillian Hawthorne, both going by "Janus" (named for the two-faced Roman God). The whole thing is set up to be an elaborate insurance fraud. Hex convinces Peter to take a fake diamond, leave another fake diamond in the safe, and let Hex make off with the real thing.


Incidentally, the story also mentions that a guest at the party is dressed as a Centurion. Many people have decided that it's Rory Williams.



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