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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who Specials The Last Of The Titans

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This short story was adapted from the Doctor Who Audio Visuals story "Vilgreth".

The Seventh Doctor, travelling alone, ends up on a giant spaceship and promptly manages to park the TARDIS inside the engine. Once he and the captain, Vilgreth, have recovered her, they decide to have some tea.

They're interrupted by a police officer from the nearby planet that the ship is approaching. The officer has planted a bomb on the ship, and warns the Doctor to leave before it's too late.


The Doctor, carrying the Idiot Ball of the day, refuses to listen until he realises that Vilgreth's story makes no sense. He eventually finds out that Vilgreth is a cloned early (pre-Neanderthal) humanoid, who went mental one day, killed his creators and stole the ship. And the ship was originally an interstellar garbage truck, which turns excess planets and other celestial bodies into fuel. Vilgreth is incapable of seeing anything wrong with using inhabited planets to fuel his home.

The Doctor briefly tries to save Vilgreth, but finds himself forced to blow up the ship.




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