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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who Specials Living Legend

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A short story. The Eighth Doctor and Charley end up in Italy, just as it's won the 1982 World Cup. The Doctor is enjoying the party, but he also senses some aliens nearby, so he merrily dashes off into the dark woods to explore. Charley wearily follows him.

They come across the first two members of an alien invasion fleet, and decide to save the day using some clever Improv. "Lady Charleyostiantayshius" pretends to be a Gallifreyan observer (silly coat and everything) while the Doctor plays her bumbling, star-struck assistant who can't help squeeing over the fabled alien fleet captain. While he makes up a story about how Earth has contracted a nasty case of "World Cup Fever" (symptoms include dancing wildly and people mashing their faces together) and gets him drunk on "medicine", Charley tells the fleet's second-in-command that his only mention in the future chronicles is of a particularly stupid pet being named after him.


All this causes the two aliens two start punching each other in the face, and with the threat of the "virus" apparently imminent, they agree to let the Doctor teleport them home. He sends them to a very uninhabited moon instead.



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