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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who Specials Excelis Dawns

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The Doctor: You had no idea your handbag contained all of heaven and hell?
Iris Wildthyme: I only wore it for show!

This episode is the first part of the Excelis arc, and marked the first appearance of Iris Wildthyme in Big Finish.

En route back to Frontios from dropping off the Gravis, the Fifth Doctor lands in a village on the slopes of Mount Excelis on the planet Artaris. There, he reluctantly becomes involved with the Warlord Grayvorn (voiced by Anthony Head!), the young nun Sister Jolene, and time traveling adventuress Iris Wildthyme in their search for the mysterious and powerful "Relic". Said MacGuffin is in the hands of a group of forest zombies, who have been using it in order to attain immortality.


The thing eventually turns out to be a glittery handbag that Iris once left on the planet by accident. A space portal handbag containing a glimpse into all of heaven and hell, to be exact. Grayvorn looks into it and can't help but Go Mad from the Revelation, and — in a struggle over the thing — tumbles off a cliff and merges with the consciousness of the local nunnery's scheming mother superior.

To be continued here for the Doctor, and here for Iris.




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