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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 2 E 6 The Zygon Who Fell To Earth

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The Eighth Doctor wants to visit his old poetry buddy William Wordsworth, but the TARDIS instead takes them to Lucie's auntie Pat in the 1980's. They're a bit confused. Pat isn't exactly happy to see them, because last time they visited, people got eaten and stuff. Also, she wishes that the Doctor would stop calling her "auntie".

Meanwhile, two businessmen also arrive at the hotel that Pat runs together with her husband Trevor. They're in the music industry, and they're hoping that Trevor is up for Putting the Band Back Together one last time. He's not. In fact, he's horrified to see them. Lucie notes that Pat never mentioned a Trevor, and that her life right now seems to be significantly more interesting than that of the future Pat that she's known all her life.


Also, there's a giant lake monster. Lucie goes to investigate and sees the businessmen (and one woman) suckling on the monster's teats. She's very squicked out by it, and quickly gets noticed.

The Doctor quickly figures out that Trevor is, in fact, a body-snatching Zygon, with the lake monster being their pet Skarasen. The original human Trevor is stuck in a body-copying machine in the hotel basement. He and Lucie (who's acting a bit strange) go tell Pat. But Pat already knows, and doesn't even care that her husband is an alien. They're in love, they're having a grand time being eco-hippies and running a hotel, and they'd like to just be left alone now.

The Zygon businessmen conclude that "Trevor" is insane, and that he's deluded himself into believing he can feel a weird human emotion like "love". Trevor and Pat, however, really are happily in love. In fact, the human body in the basement isn't even alive anymore; it was dead when Trevor the Zygon found it, and the Trevor that Pat came to know and love was always just him. The Doctor apologises for having assumed the worst. However, he also realises that Lucie is Not Herself, and is in fact the female Zygon in disguise. Lucie's been kidnapped and is stuck in a body-copying machine somewhere. And the Zygons have come to take Pat's organically-fused Zygon necklace.


The Doctor figures out the Zygon plan: using global warming, they want to make Earth suitable as a new home planet. They engineered the rock music craze of the 1980's (hair spray, compact discs with invisible greenhouse gasses, etc. etc.) to hurry up that process. Which also explains Trevor's passionate love for the environment: he wanted to save the Earth instead. And so, Trevor makes a Heroic Sacrifice and destroys the ship. But he's too late to save Pat: blood was still gushing out of the wound from her ripped-off necklace, and the destruction of the ship cost her her life.

Lucie is woken up by a very frantic Doctor. She's missed the whole adventure, and is absolutely horrified to learn that her aunt is dead. The Doctor explains to her that since auntie Pat was pretty much a nobody in the future, time can adjust itself to just sort of... skip around her. That doesn't make Lucie any happier, and she wants to stay at the hotel for the remainder of the night to mourn Pat and make sure the customers are taken care of.


The Doctor goes outside to look at the pretty sky and recite poetry for a bit. And to call Trevor out of the bushes where he's rather obviously hiding. Trevor is devastated to have lost his wife, but he can honour her... by concentrating really hard, transforming himself into her forever, and taking on her form for the rest of a natural human lifespan without needing his Zygon body-copying machine. The Doctor eventually agrees to always lie to Lucie about it. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?




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