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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 2 E 2 Max Warp

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The Eighth Doctor and Lucie are in the audience of "Max Warp", a.k.a. Top Gear IN SPACE!. The Doctor squees happily over all the cool spaceships and the show's "Funky Board". Lucie thinks that he's a rubbish date with a spaceship fetish, that the TARDIS is a glorified shed anyway, and that Geoffrey Vantage (Space Jeremy Clarkson) is definitely too old and balding to be wearing tight jeans. Things quickly take a turn for the worse, however, when Timbo, a.k.a. "The Ferret" (Space Richard Hammond) violently crashes his space ship and dies live on air. Geoffrey and O'Reilly (Space James May) are horrified, but Geoffrey immediately segues into a rant about how any ship produced by the Kith can be expected to explode. O'Reilly reminds him to stay politically correct, but Geoffrey won't have it.


Equally horrified is the local president Varlon, whose peace talks with the Kith after a long war were going so well until now. She asks her Spin-droid for advice on a media spin. The droid has mysteriously been replaced, and the new model advises her that her career may be over if she doesn't act quickly.

The Doctor and Lucie investigate. They meet the security guard (who saw no activity), the president (who's worried about her job and relies entirely on the spin-droids now), and the Kith Ambassador (a sentient sponge). They also get drugged and kidnapped, and appear to be on a crashing spaceship when they wake up, although it turns out to have been a simulation, which rather confuses them.

Lucie pretends that the studio has ordered "Max Warp" to include her on the show from now on. Geoffrey instantly hates her, mainly because she's a woman and not far too smart to have audience appeal. He's also a hardened war veteran and still grumbly about there suddenly being peace with the Kith. O'Reilly, however, likes Lucie. A lot. A whole lot. And wants to spend nice long evenings with her talking about space ship engines. They tell her that Space Hammond was also ordered to join the show by the studio, just a few months ago.


When the Kith Ambassador escapes an assassination attempt, the Kith warships mobilise around the planet. The Ambassador's ship is destroyed with him in it. The peace seems to have been shattered, but president Varlon, pulling a Heel–Face Turn, makes a swift decision to finally ignore her spin-droid and just offer her help and resources to the wounded Kith, instead of mobilising her own troops in retaliation.

The Doctor gives The Summation. First of all, Geoffrey was behind it all, because he wanted the war to continue and would use a highly sophisticated virus to make the Kith ships pilot themselves into disaster. The Ferret never died in that crash - he was inside the spin-droid suit the whole time. Because he was a Kith spy all along and had the space ship on remote control. The odd simulation was supposed to be a somewhat rubbish clue to the Doctor, which would help expose Geoffrey. And the Kith Ambassador is safe and sound, because the Doctor realised what was going on just in time and helped him to safety. With all that out of the way, the relations between the two species improve dramatically.


"Max Warp" loses its main host, O'Reilly takes over, and the whole thing gets re-tooled into a very dull show that's just about space ship engines and caravan holidays. Lucie notes that it'll probably get cancelled within a month. She and the Doctor head back to the TARDIS, which Lucie re-dubs Time And Relative Dimensions In Shed