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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who DOTD 9 Night Of The Whisper

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It's the 23rd century! New Vegas (no, not that one) on a colonized moon in an atmospheric bubble. A city of buildings without clocks, windows, and all those other things that distract you from having a good time!

And Rose Tyler is... A waitress in a Greasy Spoon. Well, the Doctor promised her the trip of a lifetime.

Her boss is actually Cyrus Wolfsbane, a wolf-like alien in a double breasted suit that has the mayor and the entire city's municipal system in his pocket. He is quite untouchable except for... The Whisper! A Vigilante Man with less than stellar practices, bringing criminals to justice, and anybody who stands in his way.


A failed attempt on Wolfsbane's life (and the mayor), leaves Rose running from a bad situation into the arms of Jack Harkness, star reporter of the Daily Galaxy and from there into police custody.

As Rose is getting interrogated by Commissioner McNeil, she gets welcome help from an inspector from New (New new new) Scotland Yard, George Dixon. (He might be someone else though). As he shows that Rose isn't a completely untraceable Mysterious Stranger. It must have been a glitch, right?

Jack gets a visit from a Femme Fatale called Daisy, that wants him to find out what happened to her friend Lillian. She disappeared mysteriously a short while ago, after her husband had gone missing. It was presumed suicide, but surely that couldn't be the case? While he follows some leads, the Doctor and Rose do a little Staged Shooting (involving a Spud gun) hoping to draw out the Whisper. It seems to work perfectly, if it wasn't for the fact the Whisper runs straight past them and takes out a graffiti artist. This leads to a bike chase where Wolsfbane and his heavies only want to have a civil word with the Doctor. With bullets. A suspenseful scene later leaves Rose and the Doctor in an alley and without a clue to follow.


The Doctor and Rose regroup at the police station, and the Doctor cobbles together a device that can trace the comm of the Whisper. McNeil, getting increasingly more frustrated with the Doctor's antics, slips out of the building...

As Jack and Daisy have stumbled upon secret files they shouldn't even know the existence of. Jack discovers Daisy's friend Lillian on security camera footage, which shows her confronting Wolfsbane about her husband's death. Wolfsbane, unimpressed, has her Thrown Out the Airlock. As Jack and Daisy are nearly discovered, Daisy pulls Jack into a closet, and then into a Big Damn Kiss of Distraction and one jolt later, he's out cold.

The Doctor and Rose track down the Whisper to "Whisper central" which seems to be just an apartment where they confront McNeil! AND the Whisper! In the following tussle, the Whisper loses his mask, correction, her mask! Beneath it, despite grey hair and pale skin, is the very recognizable face of Lillian. The Whisper makes it's getaway, and the Doctor confronts McNeil. He wants answers.


McNeil explains how his relationship with his daughter had been rocky, and when she returned recently, it was with a husband who then shortly afterwards went missing and then she was gone from his life again. He found her outside of the dome, but something had found her as well. A security drone, a mechanical life form of an alien race of a neighbouring galaxy. It too was dying, but by merging with her, saved both their lives, and yet neither of their's. A new being was born, brand new. In his grief McNeil took her home, and convinced her she was a Super Hero like the Comic Books she loved as a kid... And the Whisper was born, a being who considers All Crimes Are Equal and has just judged the entire city corrupt, and is en route to the atmospheric control plant.

As Jack comes to he learns he's being kept by Cyrus Wolfsbane, who is apparently well aware he's not a "star reporter", and knew he and his friends had arrived days after the first Whisper attack couldn't be just chance, and was hoping to employ them as a MacGuffin Delivery Service as to the Secret Identity of the Whisper. The very same Whisper that's up in the rafters!

As the Doctor, Rose and McNeil arrive at the plant, the Doctor becomes reluctant to let McNeil go any further. One because his daughter doesn't live anymore it's just the Whisper. Rose manages to convince the Doctor he's wrong, so the three head into the plant. Just in time as the Whisper has taken out the heavies and killed Daisy and while Jack has managed to stay alive, he's still tied to a chair (and flat out on the floor). Rose takes him away, as the Doctor and McNeil try to talk the Whisper down who's got Wolfsbane in a chokehold. McNeil pleads to his daughter's better nature and memories and says Wolfsbane has to face the authorities, to do the right thing. As her grip weakens, and her true self comes back ever so slightly...


Nobody saw Wolfsbane grab that laser pistol. As the villain makes his hasty exit, the Doctor leaves McNeil to have his last moment with his daughter who just wanted to tell her daddy she was sorry.

As Jack, the Doctor and Rose meet up, the Doctor at least is happy McNeil is still alive. Because ... wait where is he? Oh shit.

The Doctor chases after McNeil all the while repeating to himself; McNeil must live..! McNeil must live!"

He finds McNeil with Wolfsbane in a chokehold over a catwalk without railing, determined to go down with him. The two struggle, and slip. The Doctor manages to grab him just in time. He pleads with McNeil to take his hand. For Lillian. As Wolfsbane tries to crawl over both McNeil and the Doctor, the three of them slip, and Wolfsbane to his death but the Doctor is caught just in time by Rose.The three of them climb back up, and the police arrive. McNeil asks the Doctor what he has to do. The Doctor replies with that it's his own choice.

McNeil has himself arrested for collaborating with the Whisper, and being an asset to murder of Cyrus Wolfsbane. The Doctor slips that McNeil will one day make a good mayor, leaving the poor man confused.Jack still woozy, and Rose somewhat happy, the Doctor wants to get a breakfast and then... And then?

The Doctor: "There are worlds out there, so many worlds..."
Jack: "What do you say, Rose?"
Rose: "Trip of a lifetime?"
The Doctor: "Trip of a lifetime." *grins* "Fantastic."

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