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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who DOTD 4 Babblesphere

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This was the fourth release in the Destiny Of The Doctor arc, created in cooperation with AudioGo for the 50th anniversary.

The Fourth Doctor and the Second Romana vworp into a human space colony, where they find a bunch of dead and nearly dead people dressed in French court getups. They're immediately arrested by a chandelier-shaped robot, who throws them into a cell for not having cybernetic skull implants. The Doctor is quite sure Romana can get them out with her sonic screwdriver, before they realise they both left theirs in the TARDIS.


The Doctor is soon dragged off to be Strapped to an Operating Table, and Romana befriends her new cellmate, a member of La Résistance named Aurelius. The guy explains that a few decades ago, people all became addicted to Babble, a social network that allows people to share their thoughts. Cooperation became the main goal of human life, because the network allowed amazing new ways to collaborate on art, science and charity. Humanity soared and reached whole new levels of creative output. However, those who wanted privacy instead were soon regarded as suspicious, and twenty years ago, cranial Babble implants because mandatory. All everyday chores were outsourced to robots, and the colony collectively ended up spending all its time in Virtual Reality, sharing every single thought with everybody. Aurelius' brain implant started malfunctioning, allowing bits of privacy, and the robots captured him so he could be fitted for a new brain chip.


Aurelius and Romana are soon rescued by La Résistance, made up of old ladies whose brain implants broke down from sheer age. Romana quickly rescues the Doctor and the two head off to confront the megalomaniac supercomputer behind it all, both very unimpressed with having to face yet another oversized calculator with delusions of grandeur. Said computer proceeds to use Aurelius like a puppet, revealing that it broke Aurelius' chip on purpose so he'd lead them to La Résistance's base. It makes Aurelius pick up a gun and aim it at himself. The Doctor and Romana consent to being drawn into the Babblesphere, where they realise that the computer has been driven mad by the inane and extremely dull chatter of all the colonists. It had already started to cull the really dumb ones, hoping to be left with geniuses, but the everyday Babble is on the verge of defeating it. The Doctor and Romana helpfully start listing intensely dull things like Gallifreyan presidents, Time Lord house colours, the colours of Four's scarf, unfinished novels by Earth authors and other inane drivel. The Eleventh Doctor helpfully steps in with a pre-recorded message, saying hello to his previous self and Romana and contributing a list of his top 5 enemies: Ice Warriors, Ood... Mandrels... Bandrils... and Chumbleys. He also asks Four to take the computer's HD to a museum, instead of simply killing it.


Four locks the computer's HD in a box and merrily takes it back to the TARDIS, explaining to Romana that he made a copy of his own brain to keep it company (after all, it did say it wanted to talk to a genius). Romana, also stuck in a box with nothing but Four for company, deeply sympathises with it.



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