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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 063 Caerdroia

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Not pictured: Tigger and Eeyore.

The Eighth Doctor feels a kind of time sickness pulling at him, which is of course impossible, because time doesn't even exist in the Divergence universe. It sends him to sleep, which rather annoys the Kro'ka. After all, a sleeping Doctor can't be shoved into random habitats for new experiments. Charley and C'rizz mock and taunt the Kro'ka until the Doctor briefly recovers. He figures out that the Kro'ka's masters must be getting extremely annoyed, which is causing the Kro'ka to become just a little bit desperate. So desperate, in fact, that he's brought a stolen Mind Probe, which he uses to violently Mind Rape the Doctor and break through his mental barriers.

Once he's fully inside, the Kro'ka realises that he fell for the Doctor's trap: he's stuck in the Doctor's inner mental sanctuary. And promptly falls down the nearest mental waterslide. Once the Doctor is done laughing, he begins to blackmail and interrogate the Kro'ka, and finally finds out just what's been going on for the past seven episodes. The zone between habitats is a warp zone that can also link to the Divergence; the Kro'ka wants the TARDIS because he screwed up by letting the Doctor onto this particular planet in the first place; and the Kro'ka is scared for his life, because his bumbling minion antics are really starting to tick off his employer.


The Doctor realises that his time sickness is caused by proximity to the portal leading to the Divergence. He releases the Kro'ka from his mind and, after some fumbling, leads Charley and C'rizz to the correct portal, ending up in a meadow full of cows and birdies and pretty flowers... and two other Eighth Doctors.

The warp apparently caused him to split into three: his rational side, his Cloudcuckoolander side, and his nasty Deadpan Snarker side. (Charley promptly dubs the latter two "Tigger" and "Eeyore".) All are confused at the situation, not in the least because cows, bunnies, monsters from C'rizz' planet, a giant labyrinth, a minotaur, an office building and an Obstructive Bureaucrat were not at all what they expected. The Doctors try to save the day with a ball of string in their pockets. The whole thing turns out to have been engineered by the TARDIS, who's hidden away at the centre of the labyrinth of Caerdroia. To convey her coordinates and guide the Doctor towards her doors, she needed to split him up into three.


The Doctor merges back into one person, and he, Charley and C'rizz finally head off in the TARDIS and leave the planet. They still can't travel in time, but all of space is open to them.



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