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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 024 The Eye Of The Scorpion

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This episode introduces a new original companion, Erimem.

Due to the TARDIS suddenly going haywire, the Fifth Doctor and Peri are shot back in time a few days and end up in Ancient Egypt. They immediately save the life of a girl named Erimem. Once they've gotten her safely to Thebes, she turns out to be Princess Erimemushinteperem, who's about to become Pharaoh Erimemushinteperem.

Since Erimem's father had a few sons before she was born, she wasn't even in line for the throne until all her brothers (as well as her father Amenhotep II) quite suddenly died in rapid succession. She's not at all thrilled with the idea of being Pharaoh, especially since she'd much rather chill out with her subjects, she hates being bowed to, she's an atheist, and oh, there's an attack on her life which the Doctor just barely manages to draw onto himself. The attacker claims that Erimem is not the rightful heir to the throne, and Erimem's coronation is halted while the high court investigates the claim.


While Five gets acquainted again with his old friends, deadly poison and the floor, Peri and Erimem investigate the Palace of Concubines. They find a bunch of hidden passageways, as well as a scorpion army. Since scorpions don't usually attack in groups, let alone form land bridges by standing on top of each other, something's very wrong. Eventually, an all-out war threatens to erupt between Egypt and a group of stranded psychic aliens, who use Peri as their transmission device. These aliens have infiltrated the high court and manage to convince its members that a nice young guy, Fayum, is secretly the son of Pharaoh and therefore the rightful heir to the throne. The Doctor manages to convince them otherwise, by using the aliens' psychic enhancer and telepathically re-programming his TARDIS to block out the sun, which is what caused her to go haywire at the start of the episode.


The Doctor eventually defeats the aliens by literally confusing them senseless, and traps the alien consciousness inside the mind of a temple cat. He has some bad news for Erimem, though: he knows the names of all Pharaos by heart, and she's not on the list. It suits her fine, since she figures space is much more interesting than Egypt, and Fayum will make a great Pharaoh instead. She takes the cat along and follows the Doctor into the TARDIS.




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