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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 2003 S 04 E 16 Deadlock

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Season 4, Episode 16:


Riots have begun occurring more frequently in Dogsville due to the lack of Marine presence after the mutiny. Civilians push and prod each other while waiting in line for food distribution, while Caprica-Six moves through with her head covered. One of the civilians notices her and a group of anti-Cylon activists attack her. She fends them off and escapes, though not before being hit in the process.


In the engine room, Bill officially promotes Tyrol back to deck chief in the wake of Laird's death. Tyrol tells the Admiral about the organic resin he mentioned before, and believes it will stabilize the ship for a time.

Saul goes to sickbay to check in on Six, who is being tended to by Cottle. They are both relieved when Cottle tells them that the baby is fine, and decide to name him "Liam" after Bill.

In the CIC, Hoshi detects a Raptor which acknowledges them by signal light. When it arrives onboard, Bill and Saul are stunned to see Ellen walk out. Tyrol recognizes Boomer when she exits the craft, and she is placed in the brig.

A command meeting is held with the upper staff, who speak with Ellen about Cavil's plans and the manner in which she was able to escape. She asks to see the rest of the Final Five, and is told that Anders is currently braindead. Bill promises to see what he can do, and the staff leave. When they're alone, Ellen and Saul immediately begin making love, which causes him to envision Caprica-Six's face on Ellen's, and Six to have a convulsion of pain in the sickbay.


After they're finished, Ellen asks if Saul has slept with anyone else. He admits the relationship with Six but doesn't mention the child.

Baltar also returns to his commune, and is surprised to find them loading confiscated pistols that were stolen from the mutineers. Jeanne and Paulla tell him that people were stealing their food and they needed to protect themselves. HeadSix appears to Baltar for the first time in a long while and says that their shepherd has returned. Baltar later visits Dogsville and promises to help alleviate the food shortage situation, to the chagrin of his followers.

The Five meet in sickbay and discuss Anders' condition. A copy of Six indicates that the Cylons are considering jumping away from the fleet, and want the Five to come with them. The group holds a vote, but the matter is deadlocked - Tyrol and Tory vote to leave, Saul and Anders (who said so before he went unconscious) vote to stay and Ellen leaves in frustration. Ellen also discovers that Caprica-Six is pregnant, and begins to argue with Saul.


Ellen confronts Caprica-Six and says that while she is aware that the latter is carrying Saul's child, she is fine with the relationship. She tells Six that she won't make Saul choose between the two of them.

Baltar and the commune are distributing rations in Dogsville when the Sons of Ares, led by Enzo, appear and demand their food. Although the commune show off their weapons, the Sons brandish assault rifles and brag that their guns are bigger before taking the food without incident. Afterwards, HeadSix prompts Baltar to tell the group that he will secure more powerful weapons for them.

During a command meeting, Baltar approaches Bill and Roslin and asks to arm his followers with weapons so they can protect themselves from the Sons. Although Bill initially refuses to listen, Baltar convinces him that it's the only "human solution" that will work for the fleet, as it will allow the commune to protect the residents of Dogsville from any more attacks. Bill authorizes it, and Paulla and Jeanne are amazed to see assault rifles being handed out to the commune.

In their quarters, Saul and Ellen continue debating about whether to stay in the fleet or leave as the rest of the Five enter. Realizing that Ellen has sided with Tory and Tyrol, Tigh refuses to leave and says that he wants the Cycle of Revenge and violence to stop. At this, Ellen accuses him of loving Bill and Galactica more than he does with Caprica-Six and Liam. In sickbay, Six begins to have more chest pains.

Cottle later reports that the baby is having health issues, and Saul and Ellen continue arguing in front of Caprica-Six. Eventually, Liam's heart rate drops and flatlines, despite Ellen's assurances that Saul loves Six more than he does her. Six cries and Cottle forces everyone out of the sickbay. Soon after, Anders' brain patterns begin to light up on the sickbay monitors…

Saul goes to Bill and relays the terrible news, and they both console each other because of their mutual losses. Afterwards, Bill and Roslin walk through the memorial hall and find a copy of Six putting up pictures of deceased Cylons. They realize that they're Not So Different after all…


  • The Bus Came Back: Enzo (Kat's drug-running partner in "The Passage") reappears as a member of the Sons of Ares, who confronts Baltar's cult in Dogsville.
  • Conflict Ball: While it's understandable why Tory would want to leave the fleet, as she quickly began treating all humans with contempt when she found out she was one of the final five, Tyrol's wanting to leave the fleet comes completely out of nowhere, and is never mentioned again after this episode.
  • Continuity Nod: The way Ellen exits the Raptor upon arriving on Galactica (shown panning up from her legs) is the same way she was introduced in "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down".
  • Creator Cameo: Bear McCreary, the show's composer, appears as a patron in Joe's Bar.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When Ellen exits the Raptor.
    Hot Dog: How many dead chicks are out there?
  • Foreshadowing: An unusual piano player appears at Joe's Bar when Kara and Tyrol briefly meet...
  • He Had a Name: When Saul gets Caprica Six pregnant, they name the baby "Liam," after the Admiral. He dies en utero after Ellen Tigh returns.
  • Infant Immortality: Averted.
  • Manly Tears: Tigh and Bill get this while discussing Liam's death at the end of the episode.
  • Mathematician's Answer: When questioned by Roslin if her unborn child Liam is "important" (the first pure Cylon birth), she says that all children are important before leaving.
  • Not So Different: Bill and Roslin realize that the humanoid Cylons (who are putting up photos of their own on the memorial wall) are acting just like the rest of the fleet.
  • Rousing Speech: Baltar gives the command crew one in order to set up a makeshift security force to protect the ship, and to stop the civilians from rioting again.
  • Sherlock Scan: Tyrol is able to immediately ascertain that Boomer is the copy of Eight who disembarks from the Raptor, despite her not saying anything to him. This is likely a result of his abilities as a member of the Final Five.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Baltar returns to his commune to find that they've been protecting themselves with stolen weapons from the mutineers, and he later convinces Bill to arm them so they can protect themselves from the Sons of Ares.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Baltar asks Bill for weapons to defend his cult against the Sons of Ares, but the latter group is never seen again and their fate is unknown.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Subverted. Ellen finds out immediately after arriving that Tigh has been sleeping with Caprica-Six, but is totally fine with it and even encourages it. However, she also goads Tigh about his love for Galactica, which apparently causes Caprica-Six to lose her child.


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