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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 2003 S 02 E 03 Fragged

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Season 2, Episode 03:


On Galactica, Dr. Cottle finally arrives and begins to treat Bill. As Tigh looks on, Cottle tells him that Bill's condition will need to be stabilized, as he is still bleeding internally. He promises to update Tigh when Bill's condition is better.

Tigh goes into the hallway and pulls out a flask, then takes a swig before going to the CIC. Dualla informs him that Lee is going to lead an expedition to find and rescue the survivors who crashed on Kobol, to which Tigh reacts in confusion due to his drunkenness. Although the crewmen are understandably concerned, they don't call him out even though he acts angrily towards them.


On Kobol, the crash survivors hold a funeral for Socinus and Tarn, but soon after discover a group of Centurions who have landed in a Heavy Raider and are stripping it for parts. Crashdown reasons that the Centurions are using the parts to build an anti-aircraft battery, which they will use to shoot down any Colonial aircraft that try to execute a rescue mission on the planet's surface.

Tigh meets with the Quorum of Twelve, who angrily demand to see Roslin. Although Tigh reasons that Bill removed Roslin from power because she was a threat to the fleet's safety, the Quorum isn't convinced, and accused him of trying to institute martial law throughout the fleet.

Meanwhile, Roslin is suffering from Chamalla withdrawl in Galactica's brig. Concerned about her condition, Billy asks the on-duty guard to get her some chamalla extract. Soon after, Ellen visits Roslin and sees her delusional state and is highly confused.


Back on Kobol, Crashdown orders the group to prepare an assault mission to destroy the anti-aircraft, despite both Baltar and Tyrol objecting that they are woefully underprepared for such an attack. HeadSix appears to Baltar and tells him that one of the crash survivors will turn against the others, and that it is his job to accept his role as the human-Cylon race's father.

In Galactica's hangar bay, Lee preps the mission to rescue the crash survivors, and orders that a Raptor be stripped for parts to ensure they have a working aircraft. The Raptor departs for Kobol and begins scanning the planet's surface.

Meanwhile, Ellen goes to Tigh and tells him about Roslin's deteriorating condition, prompting him to realize that he can humiliate Roslin and bolster his position by showing Roslin to the Quorum.


As Tyrol surveys the site of the anti-aircraft battery, they discover that there are more Centurions present than they originally thought, putting them at a greater disadvantage. Tyrol reasons that the Cylons may have left the DRADIS dish that controls the battery's missiles alone, and believes the group can attack it with minimal resistance, but Crashdown overrules him and tells the group to stick to their original plan.

Crashdown orders Cally to act as a diversion while the group attacks the battery, but she refuses. After several futile attempts at telling her to follow his orders, Crashdown pulls a gun on her and threatens to shoot her unless she does what he says. She still can't bring herself to act as bait, prompting Crashdown to count to three before he shoots her.

Just before he fires the gun at her, though, he is shot in the back, revealing Baltar with his pistol raised. The noise of the gunshot compromises the group's position, and Tyrol orders them all to run for the DRADIS dish. In the midst of being pursued by the Centurions, Tyrol is shot in the arm and Seelix is shot in the leg.

Tyrol manages to destroy the DRADIS dish, but is outnumbered and out of options. In a fit of rage, he stands up and empties his remaining ammo at the Centurions, only to be surprised when they explode in a hail of missiles. Tyrol looks up and sees the Raptor piloted by Lee, and the crash survivors are soon rescued.

Onboard the Raptor, Tyrol lies and says to Lee that Crashdown sacrificed himself to save the rest of the group.

On Galactica, Tigh leads the Quorum to Roslin's cell, expecting to see her rambling and raving. However, Roslin has received the Chamalla the guard procured for her, and issues a statement that she is still the President and that Bill's coup has failed. She then reveals her cancer to the Quorum, leading them to realize that she is the prophesized leader who will bring them to Earth. Angered by his failed plan, Tigh forces the Quorum out of the brig.

In a press conference soon after, Tigh announces that effective immediately, he is instituting martial law throughout the fleet. As the press corps screams at him, he walks out of the room… and pauses to take another drink from his flask.


  • Absentee Actor: Helo, Kara and Sharon do not appear in the episode.
  • The Alcoholic: Tigh.
  • Book-Ends: Tigh starts and ends the episode taking a drink from his flask.
  • The Cavalry: Lee's Raptor shows up to destroy the remaining Cylons as Tyrol makes his last stand.
  • Due to the Dead: The crash survivors hold a funeral for Tarn and Socinus.
  • Lady Macbeth: Subverted. Ellen tells Saul about Roslin's worsening condition, leading him to try and make a power play by parading her in front of the Quorum. It doesn't work, and forces him to enact martial law instead after being humiliated.
  • A Real Man Is a Killer: At least Head Six seems to believe so, she cites the trope by name when encouraging Baltar to deal with Crashdown.
  • The Reveal: Baltar holding his weapon up after Crashdown falls against the tree.
  • Shout-Out: Tyrol unloading his firearm at a group of Cylons and screaming, only to be shocked by the enemy force being destroyed by a much larger explosion and the reveal of friendly air support, is a reference to Saving Private Ryan. The director of this episode even worked on the film!
  • Team Killer: Baltar, who kills Crashdown to save Cally's (and, subsequently, the survivors') life.
  • Unfriendly Fire: Crashdown attempts to lead the group into a suicide mission, and is shot by Baltar after trying to force Cally to act as bait.


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