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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 1978 War Of The Gods Part I

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A Viper patrol led by Bojay encounter mysterious orbs of light and are soon overtaken by a larger ship, which disables the Viper's instruments and emits a deafening sound. Aboard the Galactica, other pilots are engaged in a Triad match. After the game Tigh calls a meeting where Adama briefs the pilots on the Vipers' situation. Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba go to investigate the oddly lit planet covered in red vegetation. They find the wreckage of a ship and a white robed man who calls himself Count Iblis, whom they take back to the Galactica.


Iblis seems to have a strange effect on Sheba, as well as on other crew members. Adama is anxious to get to the bottom of the mystery and questions him about those whom Iblis terms his enemies. The Count reveals his knowledge of the humans and his plans for leading the fleet to Earth. The crew members speculate on the Count’s origin as their instruments are ineffective in scanning him. Iblis is able to somehow read Sheba’s thoughts and increases his captivating effects on her. The mysterious lights reappear around the fleet, and another squadron of Vipers vanishes as it attempts to pursue them.

After Adama continues to press him for answers, Iblis declares that he is an advanced being from another world, and that Adama should devise three tests so that he may prove his powers. Meanwhile, the mysterious lights also swarm around Baltar’s Cylon Basestar. Baltar, worried the Cylon Empire may be facing a grave threat contemplates forming an alliance with the Galactica.


Sheba leads the Count on a tour of the fleet, stopping on a ship where there is little to eat. Iblis gains the support of the people by promising to improve their living conditions by increasing their food supply. Not long after, the plants on the Agro ships begin budding and growing food. Later, in a meeting with the Council, Iblis knows exactly what the three tests will be before they are even spoken. The first is to deliver the humans’ enemy, the second, to accurately plot a course to Earth, and the third has not yet been decided. Not long after Baltar, does indeed turn himself in to Galactica...



  • Attention Whore: Iblis. Of course, he's claiming to be a god, what do you expect?
  • Charm Person: Iblis proves capable of wooing just about every woman he meets.
  • A God Am I: Count Iblis rather handily proclaims himself as such early on.
  • God Test: Iblis himself insists on being issued a God Test in order to win over those who remain in doubt of him.
  • Mind Control/More Than Mind Control: Iblis' persuasive powers are phenomenal, and dangerous.
  • Physical God: What Iblis claims to be.


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