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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 1978 Lost Planet Of The Gods Part I

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Aboard the Galactica. Apollo, Serina, Starbuck, Athena, Adama and Boxy enjoy a meal prepared by Serina. Apollo announces that he and Serina are to be married if Boxey approves and the pair leave for their patrol. While on their patrol Starbuck and Apollo come across a black void. Apollo ventures out to investigate the void and Starbuck tries to keep track of Apollo so they won't get lost. As Apollo ventures deeper into the void he gets lost. Starbuck fires a round of lasers so Apollo can find him and the pair leave the void and head back to Galactica.


Another patrol, Boomer and Jolly, land on an asteroid and Boomer notices pods. They hide as a Cylon patrol launches from the pods and after the ships veer away from the direction of the fleet, Boomer and Jolly quickly leave to warn Galactica. On board Baltar's basestar Lucifer reports that they spotted the patrol at the listening outpost and follow the route to Galactica. Baltar tells Lucifer to keep the Galactica just beyond their detection range as he formulates a plan. As Boomer and Jolly return to the Galactica, Jolly appears feverish but manages to land. Boomer makes his report to Adama about the outpost and Adama asks Tigh to change course that will eventually take them into the void.

Boomer skips decontamination in his rush to get to the party. Meanwhile in the medical bay Doctor Salik and Cassiopeia look over Jolly, who is almost in a coma by this point. Apollo and Starbuck return from patrol. On the bridge Salik reports to Adama the nature of Jolly's illness. Adama orders security to quarantine everyone who has been in contact with Jolly and Boomer.


As Apollo and Starbuck approach the Warrior's lounge Salik and Adama stop them just in time and order the other warriors quarantined. Apollo makes his report on the void to Adama and Tigh. Adama is distracted by mention of the void and goes to his quarters to think about this news.

Apollo returns to his quarters and talks with Boxey. He then learns that Serina has been training as a shuttle cadet. Apollo mentions about how dangerous being a pilot is but Serina reminds him that no task is on hundred percent safe and Apollo eventually relents.

Later Adama tells Apollo that all shuttle pilots deemed experienced enough to be combat trained must be in order to replace the ill pilots. Apollo and Starbuck begin training the shuttle pilots'. Salik then asks Adama for a shuttle to go the asteroid where Boomer and Jolly were to find the source of the infection. Apollo and Starbuck take the new Blue Squadron pilots on the mission to protect Doctor Salik to the asteroid.


The new warriors engage the Cylons in order to help Apollo and Starbuck, despite there protests. The new warriors successfully fight off the Cylons while Apollo destroys the listening post. With the mission a success, the medical shuttle lands and finds the source of the infection. Despite this Adama orders the fleet to continue into the void. Lucifer reports this to Baltar, who orders Lucifer to capture one of the patrol ships...


  • Accidental Aiming Skills: Poor Athena, she managed what no Cylon ever could. She killed Starbuck, true it was just a simulation...
  • Amazon Brigade: The shuttle pilots develop into this over the course of the episodes.
  • Badass Crew: The former shuttle pilots earn their wings once they take out their first Cylon squadron.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The "black sea" will become much more important in the next episode.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Starbuck counts, as always:
    Athena: (destroys the Cylon ship) I did it! I got him!
    Starbuck: You sure did, you got the Cylon. And me.
    Athena: ...What?
  • Naïve Newcomer: Brie, mostly for being the youngest and the greenest of the rookie pilots.
  • The Siege: The episode's last fight follows the Colonials' attempt to siege the Cylon base.
  • Training The Shuttle Pilots: After Boomer and most of the other warriors become to ill to fly combat, just about every shuttle pilot is inducted into Blue and Red squadron to compensate.


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