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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 1978 Baltars Escape

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Adama goes to the Prison Barge on a shuttle piloted by Apollo and Starbuck. On the Barge, he engages Commandant Leiter in a discussion. There, Leiter goes to discuss how the Nationalists wish to disrupt the "Natural Order" of things and how the Eastern Alliance has a manifest destiny to rule all life in the universe, for this is what the Alliance was created for. One of the guards interrupts the interrogation, informing Adama that the Council wants the interrogation terminated and that Adama is to report directly to the Council immediately.


Adama is summoned before the Quorum of Twelve under the leadership of Sire Domra. The Sire begins the meeting of the Quorum with the declaration that Adama is to receive the highest honor of the Quorum the "Star of Kobol". Adama humbly refuses, then bluntly states that the meeting was called not to offer him an award, but to retire him. Siress Tinia then states that the Council wishes to end the state of emergency and return to civilian control. Adama is to retain his vote on the Quorum and the command of Galactica. In addition, Galactica will have an advisor from the Quorum. That advisor is none other than Tinia herself.

Back on the Prison Barge Baltar tries to win over the Borellian Nomen, suggesting they might make worthy allies, possibly in some sort of escape. Baltar then suggests taking the shuttle when it comes to pick up the Eastern Alliance prisoners, and using it to escape. To which the Nomen, and later the Eastern Alliance soldiers agree.


As the guards make to put the prisoners back in their cells, the Nomen stop their hearts, confusing the guards. Once their guard is down the Nomen quickly regain consciousness and disable the guards. The Nomen free Baltar who in turn frees Leiter and his men. Baltar and his group kidnap Boomer and Sheba then take the shuttle sent to take Leiter to the Galactica.

On the Galactica the bridge, Colonel Tigh grows increasingly uncomfortable with Tinia's orders, who does not want warriors in the launch bay when the Alliance arrives. Tigh decides to go to the Officer's Club, where he informs Apollo and Starbuck of the situation. The shuttle arrives at the launch bay, where the Council stands ready to greet the prisoners with open arms. However, the representatives quickly find themselves captured by the Enforcers as Baltar and the Nomen head for the bridge. The four run into Apollo and Starbuck on their way and quickly retreat, Apollo and Starbuck then inform the bridge of the situation.


Baltar then demands Adama release his Cylon Raider. If the demands are not met, every hostage will be killed, starting with Boomer. Apollo and Starbuck have only one centar to help Doctor Wilker reassemble the two Cylons captured along with Baltar. As they try to repair them, Apollo discovers a way to thwart Baltar's plan after one of the Cylon's accidentally smashes a control panel. Meanwhile, Adama offers surrender to Baltar in exchange for more time. Both Tigh and Tinia protest, and Tinia latter decides to go along, pointing out that she would be seen as just another council representative.

Tigh, who orders the shuttle to be launched at once under Apollo's request. Both the Nomen and the Enforcers escape in their craft, but when the Cylon in Baltar's Raider attempts to launch as ordered, it smashes the button, distracting Baltar for a moment, allowing Apollo and Starbuck to recapture him. Later Tigh enters the Officer's Club and tells Apollo, Starbuck, Sheba and Boomer that he doesn't need to worry about Siress Tinia anymore. When Adama suddenly shows up holding arms with Tinia, causing Tigh to order a round.


  • Batman Gambit: Apollo and Starbuck attempt to help Wilker repair the two Cylon pilots for Baltar. Who has the Council of the Twelve as well as Boomer and Sheba (along with two "Blackshirts") captive. Apollo's plan? The shuttle takes off as planned, but Baltar finds out too late that these Cylons aren't functioning properly, which allow Apollo and Starbuck to remove the detonator and recapture him.
  • The Bus Came Back: Both Baltar and The Borillian Nomem make a return here.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Apollo improvises an alternate plan upon seeing the repaired Cylon fail to activate the control panel, leading to the very same Centurion damaging Baltar's ship. Preventing Baltar's escape plan from succeeding.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Boomer is in full swing this episode, even when held hostage.
  • Defiant Captive: Boomer, also Sheba to a lesser degree.
  • Great Escape
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: They're more complacent than anything else. And it's not their fault nobody told them Nomen can stop their hearts whenever they want.
  • Hero Antagonist: Siress Tinia, who as she herself explains is really only trying to do her job.
  • Prison Ship: The Prison Barge.
  • Tempting Fate: Baltar cheers about how successfully his plan is going, just before he orders his Centurion pilot to launch...
  • The Stoic: The Borillian Nomen again.


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