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Recap / Babylon Five Film 03 The River Of Souls

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This symbol. This is a death symbol. And the other side, a symbol of life. Not life or death or life and death but life in death. Life eternal.
Dr. Bryson

On a dark planet, a team of archaeologists are digging, trying to get into a sealed vault. Their lead, Dr. Bryson, seems to think there's something worthwhile inside. Their efforts soon pay off, as one of them draws his attention to a wall with a particular symbol on it, one he's seen before. Chipping away at it, he soon finds a small disk, one with symbols of life and death on it, but not just the two concepts, specifically life in death, or as he sees it, immortality. He orders the work crew to break down the wall.


As they begin to breach the wall, a horrible smell begins to affect them, air that has been sealed and unmoving for millennia. Bryson is only invigorated by it and presses on, eventually emerging into a vast chamber with glowing orbs. As he does, a kind of beacon seems to activate. The team enters the chamber, wondering what the orbs are. Bryons explains that they are thoughts, feelings, perhaps entire personalities, even souls if you wish. The foreman, Klaus, has little patience for that, and wants to know if there's anything of value here. That is what Bryson promised them. He assures them it is, but the real treasure is immortality. He reaches toward one of the orbs, the sounds of whispering suddenly fill the vault, seeming to come from the orbs. The whispers abruptly stop as a ship passes nearby. Klaus wants to leave preferably before whoever built this place finds them, telling Bryson there's nothing of value here, only whispers, then leads his team out. Bryson is about to follow them, but sees one orb, larger than the others. he decides to take this with him then runs out as the whispers begin again, louder this time. The strange ship gets closer and begins to attack. Bryson manages to hide, but seems to start hearing something from the orb, which he starts talking to, promising it he'll find a way.


Bryson: I'll never let you go. Never.

On Babylon 5, Lt. Corwin finds Captain Lochley roaming the Zocalo. Lochley is enjoying a new sense of freedom now that Sheridan and the Alliance are on Minbar, and all the assorted chaos and weirdness are not on Babylon 5 anymore. She starts telling him about the Pauli Effect, named after Dr. Wolfgang Pauli, a 20th century physicist whose arrival in the physics lab always seemed to herald something breaking down or going wrong, usually something very expensive. It came to a head one day when a sensitive piece of equipment suddenly exploded while he wasn't there, only for them to find out later that at that exact moment, he'd been on a train passing right in front of their lab. She seems to think there was a Sheridan/Garibaldi effect, noting that with both of them gone, Sheridan to Minbar, Garibaldi to Mars, all the problems that were either caused by their presence or drawn to them have gone with them, leaving B5 almost manageable. Why, it's actually been three days since they had a crisis! Oh, and was there something you needed, Corwin?


He came to tell her Mr. Garibaldi is back onstation. No sooner do the words part from his lips, then a couple of guys behind them decide to go at it with fisticuffs.

Lochley: Suddenly, I have this great, blinding pain right behind my left eye.

As they walk off, one man gets into a lift and goes down to Brown Sector where he comes to one door where a mustached man has some kind of club or something set up. The man from the zocalo asks if "she's" ready, and the owner answers is she ever. She is apparently a holographic redhead who beckons the man over. Before the owner lets him go, he asks if the guy knows how to use the equipment, and he says he can figure it out. The owner waves him on, and leans back to enjoy the sense of a job well done. His bad jokes are cut off when his customer screams as something shorts out. The owner gets up ranting about how he didn't know how to use it. He told him that! He didn't know how to use it!

In her office, Lochley and Garibaldi are in her office so he can tell her why he's there. He explains how as the new head of Edgars Industries, he's in charge of day-to-day operations, which also means it falls to him to find the late Mr. Edgars' little side projects. He's been tracking them down for six months now, and one of them will be here soon. He'll meet this guy, find out what he's up to and see if it's worth continued investment. Then he'll leave.

Garibaldi: You'll never even know I was here.
Lochley: Somehow I doubt that.

Lochley then gets a call that his appointment's there. She's a little annoyed that he told his contact to meet him here, reminding her of all the reasons they never really got along.

Lochley: Did, you by any chance also offer to let him stay in my quarters?
Garibaldi: Oh, no, no, no, I couldn't possibly impose. But I do appreciate the offer.
(Lochley looks slightly amused)
Lochley: Still sober?
Garibaldi As a judge.

The man he's waiting for comes in, and it's Bryson! Garibaldi introduces them, and Lochley asks what he's a doctor of. Archaeology and cultural anthropology.

Garibalid: He digs stuff up.
Lochley: Thank you for the translation, Mr. Garibaldi. If you hadn't jumped in there I might have gotten confused and fallen down.

Bryson elaborates that he actually specialized in palynology, which is determining the age of something via the fossilized pollen with it, which makes it more useful than carbon dating, which can be thrown off my various planets' carbon levels. Bryson is impressed that Lochley even knows what it is, let alone what it can be used for. They seem about to get into a fascinating scientific discussion, but Garibaldi wants to get on with why he's there, so another time kiddies.

Before they walk out, Lochley asks if he found anything interesting lately. Oh, yes. Very interesting.

In the Zocalo, Garibaldi and Bryson are sharing a meal as they discuss their late former employer. Bryson was sorry to hear of his passing, but Garibaldi has already seen Edgars' dark side, and digging up his secret projects hasn't improved his opinion of the man. He was just trying to invent, buy, or even steal everything there was. But he funded Bryson's research, and for that, he will always have a special place in his heart. Now the question is what will Garibaldi do about it? What was the purpose of the research? The only note on it was "L.E." Bryson supposes that could mean the project's title, Life Extension, or as he likes to call, Life Eternal. He's looking into immortality, noting some ancient races that managed to eliminate death entirely. Why can humans not do the same. Garibaldi, probably remembering how it turned out the last time someone showed up promising immortality, is skeptical and wants to know three things: Is it possible, how much will it cost, and who gets to use it? Since it's likely expensive, it will probably be for the wealthy, and Bryson doesn't deny it. Edgars thought there could be considerable profit in it. Well, there's still the immediate cost. 2 million credits a year for three years, has he made any progress in all that time? Bryson thinks he has, a recent discovery, which he doesn't want to talk about just yet until he knows what it is. Garibaldi isn't impressed and wants to know something now, at the very least that three years of data for him to evaluate. Or he could just go back to Mars and leave Bryson in the cold. Finally, Bryson backs down. He just asks for a little time to get his notes together, and Garibaldi says he'll swing by in the morning to have a look.

Bryson: Fascinating, isn't it? Our obsession with life and death and beyond. We eat that which is dead in order to stay alive. Death becomes part of our daily routine, our very consciousness. But that's where we have to learn to make the break, not at the level of flesh and bone, but at the level of the mind. What we are, is what's in here (tapping his temple), and the's useless. Dead meat.

In Lochley's office, Corwin comes in with the customer at the holobrothel earlier, Mr. Clute. He's a little embarrassed about it, but wants to lodge a complain about the place, claiming the equipment there is dangerously faulty. Someone could get killed. Lochely's a little surprised, there isn't a holographic house of pleasure here. Well, there is now. Clute is confused, the only reason he went there is because he thought it was sanctioned by the station. Lochley warns him that half the "businesses" there aren't, no matter what they say. That's why you should always check in with station officials to make sure. She has Corwin take him to Security for an off-the-record statement, then send in Zack. Clute leaves, but before following him, Corwin has something for the captain. He says it really helps him when he gets headaches, so he got one for her. Lochley, somewhat reluctantly takes it and opens it to find Corwin explains that it's a love bat; you beat yourself with it when you feel you need to be punished (closet masochist) which also gives positive affirmations in a sickly sweet feminine voice (Desperately Craves Affection). He uses it quite frequently (someone needs a girlfriend). A bemused Lochley thanks him for the then goes back to her desk to get some work done.

In his flat, Bryson is setting up for analysis of the orb. He sets up some kind of interface and places it near the orb where an alien face appears. He asks if the being can hear and see him, then grabs his recorder to note he's made contact.

Zack makes his way to the holobrothel and asks to see who's in charge. The owner comes out and introduces himself as Jacob Mayhew, and asks what he can do. Zack tells him to pack up, but Mayhew insists he's running a perfectly acceptable business here. He has a permit for entertainment, and this counts as entertainment. Not his fault Babylon 5 failed to take this kind of establishment into account when writing up their regulations. SO he's not leaving. In fact, he invites Zack to try it out, anyone he wants. The suits make it seem that the holograms are actually touching you, they're state of the art, he's very proud of them. Zack asks if he has the right to use the images of other people, but he insists it's never made public. It's just one-on-one, so it doesn't matter. And if Zack thinks he can scare him into leaving, ain't gonna happen. Either leave him alone, or see you in court. Zack is happy to oblige, but makes a point to tell him to inform his customers of the potential dangers of using faulty equipment. Zack leaves to get the legal papers and the customers in the waiting area start talking about getting their money back. Mayhew wants to talk to his lawyer.

Bryson seems to be having success with whatever he's doing, making contact with the entities in the orb. He tries turning up the power to see if he can get more of a response. Something emerges from it and manifests into one of the aliean in the room. He tries to ask it if it has a name, but it simply says it's gone.

Alien: They came for us. They took us away. They had no right. Let me go back to sleep. Let me die.

Bryson is very interested now. He was right, this is a living mind preserved at the moment of death. The alien simply wails in response, telling him he doesn't understand and to leave them alone. He tries to ask more questions, but the alien suddenly becomes dark and menacing then seems to retreat into the orb. Bryson goes to write down what he's seen. As morning comes, he's been up all night. Nodding off at the table, he knocks the orb into the display device. As it makes contact, energy flows out of it into the station's power system.

As Zack is walking through Blue Sector, he hears a woman crying. He sees a figure on the stairs weeping about her children. He tries to ask what's wrong but she keeps asking where her children are, then leaps at him, turning into a bolt of energy that passes right through him.

In the morning, a well-dressed man finds Lochley as she's having breakfast. He introduces himself as James Riley, Mr. Mayhew's attorney. He then produces a restraining order, service of papers and a subpoena. She is being sued for harassment, restraint of trade, infringement of freedom of speech, questioning without an attorney present, and slander. The damages could run into the millions. Her insurance could cover part of it, but she'd be on the hook for the rest. Have a nice day, Captain.

Garibaldi comes to Bryson's quarters to see his notes. Bryson says it isn't a good time, so Garibaldi will just assume he's found another source of funding. The door opens and Garibaldi comes in to find the room a bit of a mess. Bryson is in an odd mood, partially from lack of sleep. Oh, his notes? He burned them. They don't matter anymore. None of it matters anymore. He's seen beyond.

He begins asking who Garibaldi is? Is he the physical shell, or the thoughts and memories and experiences. If Byrson were to take all that away, what then? Would he own you? Garibaldi isn't having it, but it doesn't matter, Bryson doesn't need money anymore, he just needs to go...deeper. To listen to them. Garibaldi tries to find out who they are, but Bryson suddenly demands he leave. Garibaldi goes out the door with a dubious expression on his face.

Lochley and Zack are discussing the pending suit. Zack thinks it's ridiculous, he can't possibly win and he's got to know it, but Lochley points out that sometimes winning isn't the point. He could keep this going for months, long after his lease expires. So, what, just drop it?

Zack: Oh, come on. We have faced Shadows and invasions and attacks on this station, and now we're going to give in to lawyers? Ugh...

Lochley suggest they just need to find a more discreet way to handle it. In the meantime, have maintenance check out his equipment to make sure no one else gets hurt. Zack still isn't happy? Why should they be discreet after he pulled the lawyer card. And then there's that little stunt from last night. Zack tells her about the crying woman, which he figured to be a hologram. Lochley dismisses that, they require too much energy and equipment for an image like that. So how?

Before they can discuss that further, Mr. Garibaldi comes in. He's finished here and will be heading back to Mars on the first transport. Then a call comes in from C&C; something unusual is coming through the jumpgate. Lochely has them put it on the monitor as an strange looking ship emerges. The orb begins reacting more powerfully, and Bryson realizes "They're here."

Lochley asks what it is, and Garibaldi explains that it's a Soul Hunter. A couple came by a few years ago. Lochley thought they were just legends but Garibaldi assures her they're real alright. And they only show up when someone's about to die. Zack suddenly starts coughing.

Zack: I just have a dry spot in my throat from the air conditioning. I feel fine, stop looking at me like that!

Lochley decides to go see what they want and asks Garibaldi to accomapny her, since he's already dealt with them before.

The ship docks and the Soul Hunter comes aboard. Garibaldi demands to know who he's here for, not him, or anyone else here right now. He's after something that was stolen from them. The one who took it was called Bryson. They learned this from his companions, who were quite willing to tell them once they put their souls in a jar. Lochley is rather annoyed that Garibaldi managed to bring the craziness right back with him.

Lochley: Why is it you? Why is it always you?

Garibaldi just asks what Bryson took. Bryson is currently looking for a way to hide the orb, as the Hunter explains what it is and where it came from. It came from a planet called Ralga, inhabited by an advanced race of dreamers, poets, artists and leaders, but for some reason they began to die out. The Soul Hunters sensed it, and they resolved to save all of them. And they succeeded. A billion souls, in one vessel. Afterwards, they were placed in one of the Hunters' galleries to spend eternity with and talk to the other souls they had collected.

Garibaldi has been through this before, and he doesn't believe in souls any more now than he did before. Lochley points out that that's beside the point. Something was stolen from them and it should be returned. Why? Zack asks why they should get it? What gives them the right? Did they give anyone a choice? What if they're keeping them from Heaven? And yes, he believes in Heaven, don't judge. The Hunter insists there is nothing beyond, only the emptiness of death. '

Just then a call comes in; Bryson's gone. The Hunter realizes he know they're hre. The souls told him. The longer you are in their company, the more you can hear them. He again insists the orb be returned to them, only they can handle it safely. Lochley asks what that means.

Soul Hunter: There is strength enough in one mind, one soul, to change the universe. Can you imagine how much strength there would be in one billion souls all focused on escape?

Or worse, Lochley reasons. They might be after something more direct, like revenge. Either way, they would need someone they could influence, who could act for them. Given enough time, they could probably do just about anything.

Somewhere in Gray Sector, Bryson stares at the orb, watching the beings inside it swirl about, promising he won't give them back. It would be better to destroy the station.

Lochley is briefing her people on Bryson, also telling them to keep an eye out for anything strange. Anything at all.

As she dismisses her people, who shows up but that damned lawyer. He's come to get her response to the suit, but she's in the middle of a situation. Riley is rather flippant, gleefully reminding her that she'll be liable for all the legal fees in addition to damages before walking out.

Lochley: Damages. I'll damage him if he comes in here one more time.

Bryson is tapping the stations power reactivate the interface and give the Ralgans a way out. They begin following the power conduits through the station.

One of Mayhew's clients is about to indulge in his fantasy, when his dream holo-girl, a blonde bombshell, apparently his former neighbor, calls up another holo, a man who she calls her husband. As they begin to kiss, the client is still sitting there, wondering what's going on. The holos ignore him, and he eventually shuffles out. He tries to get Mayhew's attention but shortly after notices...Lochley? In a corset?

C Lient: Can I have one of those instead?

Elsewhere another one shorts out a Babcom unit and manifests in front of the guy trying to use it with a wicked looking kind of scythe.

Lochley returns to her quarters and is surprised to find the Soul Hunter there. Security was taking him someplace he did not wish to go, so he made them sleep and eventually wandered here. That has Lochley a bit worried, but he assures her he did not harm them. That is not their way. Well, Lochley's hungry so she wants to eat. The Soul Hunter does not need any food, his ship provides all he needs. It will be several days before he must return to it. They talk a bit, something the Hunter is not used to. They do not often speak with others, only the souls they collect. Lochely asks about them, what happens to them? They are put into great halls where they can talk to each other. Then what? The Soul Hunter seems confused, what else would there be? They talk to the souls and they can talk to each other. But they are trapped in their little worlds, unable to truly interact. Whether there's a Heaven or not, Lochley would consider this Hell. He insists she is speaking from the flesh, which has desires, needs. The soul is pure, it only needs to continue. Lochley disagrees.

Lochley: If these souls were valuable, it's because of what they did or the way they saw the world. What you describe is an existence without the possibility of any change, unable to touch the world or affect it, unable to express the slightest creative impulse, unable to touch or be touched in return. If Mr. Garibaldi is wrong and there is a Heaven, you're committing a crime beyond description by taking these souls instead of allowing them to move on.
Soul Hunter: But if he and we are correct and there is nothing beyond, wouldn't you want to be continued?
Lochley: No. No, not like that.

Suddenly the lights flicker and go out. She tries to call C&C, but she can't get through to them. The Hunter has her get behind him as something appears to be trying to get into the room, something he describes as "rage unleashed". The electronics in the room begin exploding and hostile entities begin entering the room. The hunter urges Lochley get out and she goes to manually open the door, when she sees something about to attack the Hunter. She rushes and pushes him out of the way, just as the Ralgans attack, taking the blow herself.

A short time later, she's being wheeled to Medlab. As she lies there, she suddenly finds herself outside her body watching everything as the her vitals start to flat-line. Then she's pulled down through the station bulkheads until she finds herself someplace she's never seen before; an alien world with a yellow sky, rings and multiple moons. She hears a voice behind her and turns to see Stephen Franklin...albeit holding himself rather strangely and speaking with an odd accent. He talks about their world, how it's most likely long decayed to ruin, but here it is as it was, because they remember it. And of course, it isn't really Stephen, it's one of the Ralgans. He explains that he appears this way because she's in need of a doctor, and a friend. So her friend who's a doctor. He tells her she appears as his wife who died before...this. Lochley asks what happened, and he explains that it's a power struggle. Those who have gone mad are trying to vent their frustration the Soul Hunters, and when Lochley took the blow, the others were able to manipulate the energy and stop her heart just long enough to bring her here so they could talk. She asks about the mad one and he points to a dark and threatening area which will eventually consume them all. So, if they can do this, why not get Bryson to destroy the orb? Then at least they would be free to pass into whatever lies beyond, even if it's only nothingness. Ah, but they weren't dying. He tries to explain, but Lochley's heart starts again and she is pulled up, as he calls after her to tell them they made a mistake. They were evolving!

As she wakes up, Corwin gets a call that a fleet of Soul Hunter ships have arrived. They take up position around the station, ready to fire, as Corwin orders defenses made ready.

Corwin: If they mvoe, shoot 'em. If they don't move, shoot twice; they're probably hiding something.

Ivanova would be proud.

The soul Hunter come to see Lochley, and he even brought a flower. He thanks her for what she did, no one has ever done that for one of them before. It has given him at least a whole new perspective. Lochley thanks him for the flower then asks what happens when Soul Hunters die. They do not actually save their own souls, they are just to carry out their mission. He also came to inform her that others of his order have arrived demanding the return of the vessel or they will see to it themselves. Lochley insists she won't let them aboard, but he explains that they are seldom welcome where they go so they have other ways to get on. They can latch on a burn through that way. They are determined. They are disciplined and direct, and they do not make mistakes.

Actually, you do. Lochley begins to explain what happened to her, how she was brought inside the vessel and spoke to one of them. The Hunter is not inclined to believe her, but when she accurately describes Ralga, he becomes confused. This should not be possible. They would eventually be able to do such things but not yet. Lochley tell him to look at what they've already done. They're far stranger than he expected because these aren't souls like they're used to. They weren't dying. Lochley thinks what was happening is that they were becoming something like the Vorlons were. And that's what the Soul Hunters felt. They weren't passing from their physical bodies, they were transcending them. It should have been their greatest moment, but then the Soul Hunters came and essentially imprisoned them. And after all this time, madness has grown to the point that it can't be contained anymore. The Soul Hunter is horrified at the implications.

Soul Hunter: We assumed, we never thought to ask or investigate. Is this the price for our arrogance?

He asks what he can do, and Lochley tells him to buy her time, and keep them away from the station. No need to give angry spirits more targets. He agrees and rushes off. Lochley goes and grabs her uniform jacket.

Still unsteady on her feet, she heads off calling C&C for a status update. The Soul Hunters are holding position for now, there are unusual reading from the fusion reactor, and Zack's narrowed his investigation to Brown 11, so that's where she's heading.

Zack and Garibaldi are leading teams through the area when they find the guy who was using the bab com unit earlier; dead. No sign of injury, but he looks terrified. Then Mayhew shows up demanding that he drop the scare tactics, because it isn't going to work. The dead guy might, however. What killed him? Those scare tactics, like the ones going on at the holobrothel? They head over there to see what's going on.

The place is emitting some kind of yellow light, and now seems to be housing a lot of the Ralgans, like the amorous couple from earlier. Any kind of body will do. Mayhew is worried they'll be getting into his personal files, which Zack and Michael aren't worried about, but then the holo-Lochley walks out. Zack gets irate, while Mayhew tries to protest that it's free speech, she's a public figure, it's satire...Michael, stop staring!

Garibaldi: What am I supposed to do, blind myself here? Alright, fine. I'm as offended as you are. But I can see why a lit of guys would rent this particular image.
Mathew: Actually, it was mainly women.

And wouldn't you know it, Lochley come up right then. After a glare at Mayhew ("Touch me and I'll sue."), she orders him moved out so they can get to work.

There's something else, the image is standing outside the brothel, which it shouldn't be able to do. Unless there's a lot of power being pumped into it. A number of glowing figures come out of the brothel and the Lochley figure morphs into her uniform and follows after them. She asks for an other way around and Zack takes them to a catwalk where the see the hologram address an assembly of the glowing figures.She declares that the time of their revenge is at hand, all they have to do is wait for it to come to them. She makes it clear they intend to destroy themselves along with the Soul Hunters but declares the sacrifice a worthy one.

Up on the catwalk, Lochley notices something, the lights are dimming but the images are unaffected. If they;re on the same circuit, they should be affected as well. She suddenly realizes something and goes to see if she's right.

She goes down to the lower level and walks up to her holo, looking closely at it. They don't do anything, which confirms Lochley's suspicion, it's a distraction. They moved the holograms to that location, but the Ralgans are somewhere else. She doesn't want to talk until she eliminated their ability to listen in. She goes off with a thermal grenade and tosses it into the holobrothel. Once it's destroyed, the Ralgans shouldn't be able to listen in anymore, so they can talk freely. They do have control of the power supply, including the fusion reactor. Blow that and they can take out the station and everything in close quarters. Now it's a race against time to get control of the reactor back before they can overload it.

Zack goes to meet up with the assault team, while Lochley and Garibaldi go to find the Soul Hunter. In the lift Garibaldi asks how she figured out the ruse. It was when she realized out of all the holograms they had, they used the one that would be guaranteed to get her attention.

Garibaldi: I hear it's very popular.
Lochley: Is it?
Garibaldi: So I'm told.
Lochley: Hmm...

They find the Hunter and he tells them his people didn't believe him. They would have found such a mistake after a detailed analysis, but since Soul Hunters never make mistakes, none were ever conducted, because it was not needed. Great, but he's seen it now himself, so why wouldn't they believe one of their own? They think it's all an elaborate hoax. Also, he's one of the younger Soul Hunters, only 4,000 years old, so his words don't hold very much weight. They have twenty minutes before they will attack, but the reactor will have blown by then, so whatever.

Bryson is sitting in a lotus position, the orb floating above his hands as Zack's team gets in position. Before they move in, Michael wants to try to talk to him, see if he can reach him, try to shut off human conduit out of the orb. Lochley gives him the go, and Garibaldi starts moving toward him, calling out to him, trying to appeal to his sense of accomplishment, anything human left in there. All he does is succeed in making the Ralgans mad. as they lash out, Michael dashes for cover and Zack orders his team to fire. When it becomes clear PPG fire won't do anything, Lochley orders him to call it off.

The Soul Hunter begins lamenting how it came to this, how they should have treated them better, not locked them away in dark halls for ages. Perhaps they shouldn't have taken them at all. They thought it would be a service, but in fact they became something far worse than death. There's no time to convince the other Soul Hunters but there may still be a way. He gets up and goes over to where Bryson is sitting.

He begins speaking, trying to reach the Ralgans inside the orb. He apologizes for what they did to them, admitting it was wrong, but that destroying the station is not the way. He offers to help find a way to correct this. They have shown that they can exist outside the orb for brief periods, and they can work from there, bringing others to give them hosts so that they can at least walk in the open air again, until they can permanently release them. He assures them that his order will correct this mistake, once they make them realize there was one, but until then, he offers himself. If they take him in with them, it will prove that they were in fact highly developed souls who were taken at the moment of their supreme ascension. He pleads with them to accept his offer, they will know he is sincere when he is with them.

Soul Hunter: Let the death of this body be your only remaining vengeance, and let my soul be a doorway of hope.

With that, he reaches toward them as energy enveloped him, then retreats into the vessel as the Hunter collapses. Shortly after, the orb stops glowing, Bryson falls unconscious and the reactor returns to normal. Lochley goes and looks down at the Hunter's body.

Later, another of the Soul Hunters comes to retrieve the vessel. Lochely has some words before she hands it over.

Lochley: I never knew the name of the other one from your order. I don't even know if you have names. All I know is that he gave his promise and his life to protect you and this place and the billion minds trapped inside this thing. Make sure that the promise he made on your behalf is kept, or I promise you that the hunters will become the hunted. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that his sacrifice was not in vain.

The Hunter nods in agreement and she hands it over.

Inside, the Soul Hunter watches and is surprised to suddenly see her there next to him.

?Lochely?: The mind see what it needs to see. The soul sees what the soul sees.

The hunter smiles at her.

As the Soul Hunters leave, Lochley watches from her office. She expresses the hope they can solve it, and Garibaldi thinks they will, maybe in a few hundred years or so. In the meantime, he has to get back to Mars and back to tracking down black projects. Bryson is recovering, and, glutton for punishment, wants to get back to searching for life eternal. Lochely hopes his next discovery isn't quite so troublesome. She bids Michael farewell, but he say he'll be back this way in about a month for some business and figured he'd take a few days off here. He heads out, and a vase falls off her shelf as he passes.

Lochley: Shoot me. Shoot me now.

The day keep getting better as Mr. Riley arrives. Now, he and Mayhew are adding criminal charges for the wanton and unneeded destruction of an establishment of business. Well, Section 7, Clause 4 of his lease states that Babylon 5 cannot be held liable for damages incurred during military action, which this was. She even has the depositions from the security personnel involved in the fighting supporting her action. And since the source of the litigation was said establishment and that's gone up in smoke, all the charges surrounding that can be dropped as well. Or you go after it any way in which case Lochley would bring up the illegal use of her image and you just won't win that one. Riley is rather perturbed; he's supposed to go back to his client with nothing? Lochley's feeling generous and offers him the love bat, with some...minor adjustments. "I'm an idiot! I'm a loser! No one likes me. My mommy dresses me funny." Riley walks out, sans bat.

Lochley: Zack was right. There is a heaven.

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