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Recap / Baby Felix and Friends

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A recap page for the Baby Felix and Friends anime.

Note that each episode is 22 to 23 minutes long, and it has 4 sub-episodes which makes a storyline, all 5 minutes each. After two sub-episodes is an in-between "Music-Time" segment (both 'Music-Time' segments are 2 minutes total).

  1. Baseball-O-Rama note 
  2. Magic Bag Manianote 
  3. The Professor is Bad Newsnote 
  4. The Great Outdoorsnote 
  5. Mirror Mirrornote 
  6. Medieval-A-Go-Gonote 
  7. Space Casenote 
  8. Which Witch Is Which?note 
  9. Welcome to Adventure Islandnote 
  10. Brain Powernote 
  11. Take Me Out To The Ball Game

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