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This is the Recap page for for the Teletoon series Atomic Betty, which ran for 3 seasons for 2004-2008. It follows the adventures of Betty Barrett, a 12-year-old girl with a secret double life as a member of the Galactic Guardians. Alongside Sparky the alien and X-5 the robot, Betty is assigned by her fish-like boss Admiral DeGill to fight interstellar villainy, namely the feline criminal mastermind Maximus I.Q. and his two-faced toady Minimus.


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     Season 1 

  1. Furball of the Sneeze / Attack of the Evil Space Baby: Betty must infiltrate Maximus' fortress and spy on his gathering of space villains, but her mother's cat Purrsy stows away on her ship. / Betty battles the evil child Infantor, who is draining planets of their magma to make killer action figures.
  2. The Doppleganger / Toxic Talent: Betty must escort a pair of scientists and their top-secret cargo to protect them from a shapeshifting criminal known as The Chameleon. / Maximus is beaming painful soundwaves down on the planet Coolosia to force them to submit to him, so Betty must trace where his frequency's coming from.
  3. But the Cat Came Back / Lost in Spa: Betty must clean up her room so she can go to the dance with her friend Noah, but Admiral DeGill keeps calling her on missions, and whenever Betty returns her room's a mess again. / Betty must rescue Admiral DeGill when he is kidnapped on his regular visit to the spa by Maximus.
  4. Spindly Tam Kanushu / Science Fair: Betty discovers that Maximus has kidnapped her martial arts master Spindly Tam Kanushu and is making him train his Morbidian Blood Monks. / Betty's day at the science fair is interrupted by Maximus attacking the planet Aquus to turn its inhabitants into discount pet food.
  5. Space Brains / Atomic Roger: Sparky ends up on a game show that, unbeknownst to him, is a front for Maximus' latest evil scheme. / Maximus is stealing all the gold in the universe to build a statue of himself, but every time Betty tries to stop him, another Galactic Guardian named Atomic Roger steals the spotlight.
  6. Maximus Displeasure / Cosmic Cake: Betty must head to Maximus' secret laboratory and stop him from releasing a newly developed biochemical weapon upon the galaxy. / Betty must go to the planet Celebra where Maximus is throwing his birthday party and has hired an evil chef named Bernadette to bake a cake with mind control icing.
  7. Bye-Bye X-5 / The Substitute: Betty and her crew are assigned to test a new Galactic Guardians ship that comes with a new robot named X-8.5 who makes X-5 feel obsolete. / Betty faces both a mean substitute teacher in her art class and a mission to rescue Sparky and X-5, who have been kidnapped by Maximus.
  8. The Good, The Bad, and the Sparky / Self Sabotage: Sparky is cast in the latest movie of galaxy-famous director Antoine Lucci, but Maximus soon gets himself involved in the filmmaking process. / Betty's latest battle against Maximus is made much more difficult by Sparky's hasty repairs to the ship making it act all wonky.
  9. When Worlds Collide / The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia: The Chameleon comes to Earth on Halloween with the stolen brain of the Sythian President, so Betty, Sparky, and X-5 must hunt him down while blending in with the trick-or-treaters./ Betty and her crew investigate a deserted spaceship and find its occupants are not quite dead.
  10. Poached Egg / Battle of the Bots: Maximus desires the universe's last known Piraxian Rhino egg for his breakfast omelette, and only Betty and her crew can stop him. / Betty and her crew go to the planet Crushton to rescue Empress Narcissitad from Maximus and end up running into X-5's rundown uncle B-1.
  11. The Really Big Game / And the Winner is...: On Father's Day, Betty helps Admiral DeGill battle his big game hunter ex-girlfriend, Pontifadora the Conquistadora. / Betty must infiltrate a convention center spaceship, where not only is Maximus presenting his newest superweapon, but there is an ongoing Miss Galaxy Pageant.
  12. The Great Race / Martian Makeover: Betty is in a race against time to deactivate Maximus' space-time bomb so that she can get to a date with a new boy at school named Dylan. / Betty must preside over a peace-making marriage between the warring tribes of the planet Namimbulah while Noah has to pair up Duncan The Bully with Alpha Bitch Penelope.
  13. Betty's Secret Admirer / Slime of the Century On Valentine's Day, Betty must track down a mysterious criminal whose mark at every scene is a declaration of his love for Betty. / Sparky believes that Maximus has abducted his mother, but unbeknownst to him, the two are in fact dating each other!
  14. Winter Carnival / Crass Menagerie: Betty must defeat Iciclia, Queen of Glacies, and prevent her from freezing up the jungle world of Montego B. / Maximus kidnaps Betty with intent on freezing her and turning his archnemesis into a part of his collection of rare and valuable alien creatures.
  15. Solar System Surfin' / Power of the Pharaoh: Betty and her crew visit the Wild West ocean planet Ainrofilac Ubilam to thwart the space cowboy Hopper the Chopper and his army of space sharks. / The mothership of the ancient Pharotines has been discovered, and Betty must uncover the ship's secrets before they fall into Maximus' hands.
  16. The Trouble with Triplets / Spider Betty: Maximus creates a trio of Betty clones to wreak havoc across the galaxy and frame the real Betty for it. / Betty must deal with a giant alien spider while in space and her bratty cousin Kyle while on Earth.
  17. Power Arrangers / Dream Come True: Betty battles the electrical villainess Nuclea, who plans to drain all the power in the universe. / Betty and her crew are captured by Maximus and subjected to his latest invention, the Dream-Invader, which he hopes to use to learn the location of Betty's home planet.
  18. Atomic Betty vs. the Giant Killer Ants / Best (Mis)Laid Plans: Maximus uses a newly developed growth serum to create an army of giant ants to destroys Betty. / Maximus steals the blueprints for a prototype Galactic Guardian spaceship, so it's up to Betty and her crew to get the plans back.
  19. No Business Like Snow Business / Infantor Rules!: Betty and Spindly Tam Kanushu must defend the Temple of the Stars on the planet Nordikhan from Iciclia, who seeks a powerful artifact within it. / Betty and her crew are trapped inside a hologame created by Infantor to defeat them.
  20. Galactic Pirates of the Corralean / The Revenge of Masticula: Betty battles a gang of space pirates led by the infamous Greenbeard who are seeking an ancient superweapon. / Sparky accidentally frees the rubbery supervillain Masticula, who now seeks revenge against those who sentenced him to imprisonment.
  21. The Incredible Shrinking Betty / Friends for Eternity: The diminutive evildoer Enormo has developed a Reverse-Magnifying Ray to shrink everyone in the galaxy - including Betty and her crew! / Betty has to go to a remote world to retrieve rare crystals, but the planet's sole inhabitant, Slirps, is able to change its terrain with his emotions.
  22. Wizard of Orb / Max-Land: Betty and her crew must infiltrate the castle of the evil space wizard Solovern in order to rescue King R-Turmex from his clutches. / Maximus opens up an amusement park, so Betty and her crew visit to learn what he's really up to. Also, Betty finds a very familiar-looking bracelet when visiting her grandmother...
  23. Like Father, Like Scum / Planet Stinxx: Maximus breaks his criminal father Max Sr. from prison and gathers up his father's old gang to organize a massive heist. / Betty goes to the planet Edenia, which the disgusting supervillain M'lord Orus has taken over as part of his scheme to turn the universe a giant toxic dump fit for him to rule.
  24. Big Top Betty / Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray: Betty participates in the Galactic Guardians' annual charity circus, but The Chameleon infiltrates the show to steal the proceeds. / Betty faces the evil genius Dr. Cerebral, who is using his Stupifactor Ray to turn every other genius in the universe into a moron.
  25. Jingle Brawls / Toys Historyia: The Chameleon wants to give Maximus a Christmas present in the destruction of Betty, so he tricks her into coming to the Galactic Guardian Academy for some "retraining". / Betty goes to the North Pole Star to rescue Santa Claus on Christmas Eve when Infantor kidnaps him and demands all the toys in return.
  26. Franken Brain / Evil Idol: Dr. Cerebral has created a living computer virus called The Worm to infect robots and build the ultimate robot body for him. / It's Betty's birthday, and her friends and family are throwing a surprise party. But Maximus has gathered all of Betty's foes to destroy her, and Betty's grandmother reveals her big secret.

     Season 2 

  1. Bracelet Yourself: Betty loses her bracelet while at school, and it ends up falling into the hands of Penelope and Duncan. The two's shenanigans with Betty's bracelet end up bringing Sparky and X-5 to Earth to help Betty retrieve it, and also incur the wrath of Maximus.
  2. The New Neighbour / Pre-Teen Queen from Outer Space: A girl named Paloma moves into Betty's neighbourhood and befriends her, while Nuclea sets up her own fortress besides that of Maximus, causing a turf war. / Penelope is kidnapped by the bee-like inhabitants of Droneopolis and made their new queen.
  3. Auntie Matter / Oy, Robot: Betty's visit to her grandmother's place is interrupted by the appearance of Auntie Matter, a villain with black hole powers who also happens to be Betty's great-aunt! / Betty faces off against Dr. Cerebral when he constructs a gigantic machine able to transform organic beings into robots.
  4. Werewolves in Zeebot / Return of the Pharaoh: Betty goes to the planet Zeebot to battle The Chameleon, who is using the powers of the planet's moon to turn its inhabitants into werewolves. / The king of the Pharonites returns and battles Betty on Namimbulah. However, Betty has to bring Admiral DeGill's nephew Lamphray along on the mission.
  5. Pop Goes the Maxx / Sleeping Like a Baby: Maximus releases a soft drink called Fizzy Maxx that turns anyone who drinks it into a mutant slave under his control. / Maximus is feeling very irritable from a lack of sleep and begins to destroy all sources of noise in the galaxy. But Betty is babysitting and has to bring a bawling baby with her.
  6. Ferried Treasure / The X-Rays: Betty and X-5 must transport a giant Querzanian Diamond through a dangerous section of space while Sparky takes a cruise on board the ship of a supposedly reformed Greenbeard. / Betty and her crew have to infiltrate a gang of juvenile delinquents called the X-Rays.
  7. By Virtuoso of Insanity / SWITCH-MO-tized: After Minimus compliments his singing voice, Maximus decides to take up a career in theatrical opera as part of his latest domination scheme. / A robot magician named Switchmo switches Sparky and Minimus' bodies around, forcing Betty and Maximus to team up and stop him.
  8. The No-L 9: In this very special holiday special, Betty and her grandmother are getting ready to celebrate Christmas at home, but Betty also has to stop Maximus from shrinking down a legendary constellation of singing planets called the NO-L 9 into Christmas ornaments. And in the process, Betty learns the fate of her long-lost grandfather...
  9. Captain Sparky / Earth to Roger: Sparky is promoted to captain of his own crew when he is mistaken for having rescued a baby, but he might not have what it takes when he has to battle Nuclea. / Atomic Roger comes to Earth and interferes with Betty's life while she and her crew have to stop Iciclia.
  10. Hi-Jinxed / Robo Betty: A villain named Jinx steals all the good luck in the galaxy to become the luckiest person in the universe, leaving bad luck in his wake. / Betty and her crew answer a mysterious distress call from an old Galactic Guardian named Captain Lure. Meanwhile, Sparky sends a robot Betty to take her place at Noah's birthday.
  11. Take Two Evils and Call Me in the Morning / The Scribe: Maximus falls ill with mange, so Minimus takes charge and orders search probes to capture Betty...without specifying which Betty. / Betty and her crew face a new villain called The Scribe, who is kidnapping authors so that only books written by a Milton Scrivener will be read.
  12. Mad Maximus / The Cheerleaders of Doom: Betty and her crew have to transport an evil artifact called the Beluvian Demon Box, but draw the attention of Maximus, Dr. Cerebral, and Pontifadora. / The Betty clones return, this time as cheerleaders using their moves to hypnotize people to do Maximus' bidding.
  13. Reeking Havoc / Practically Joking: Sparky finds a genie imprisoned in a shoe, but every wish he makes from the genie ends up creating havoc that Betty has to stop. / Betty and her crew are kidnapped by a giant troll who demands them to make him laugh or else.
  14. The Great Sub-TRAIN-ean Robbery / The Minion: Betty returns to Ainrofilac Ubilam and teams up with Admiral DeGill's brother Tex and niece Lily to stop Hopper the Chopper's train heist. / After firing Minimus, Maximus starts up a reality show called The Minion, where people must commit crimes to become his new lackey.
  15. Eternal Elixir / Bee Movie: Betty must retrieve a legendary elixir of immortality before it falls into the wrong hands, namely those of Maximus and Nuclea. / The bee people of Droneopolis kidnap princes across the universe to force on to marry their new queen, a Penelope-bee hybrid named Queen PeneloBee.
  16. Evil Juniors / As the Worm Turns: Betty is assigned to teach at a new school for Galactic Guardians, but unbeknownst to her, it is in fact a supervillain school opened by Maximus to trap her. / Betty and her crew return to Namimbulah again to help the worm-riding nomads thwart Maximus' new planetary destruction ray.
  17. Extreme Makeover / Once Bitten, Twice Slimed: Betty battles a new villain named Bombshelle, a fashionista supermodel turn evildoer intent on eradicating ugliness from the universe. / Max Sr. escapes from prison once more, but this time, he's being assisted by Sparky's mother, whom he plans on marrying!
  18. The Collector / Night of the DeGilla Monster: Betty battles an arrogant explorer called The Collector who intends on stealing a legendary gem from the planet Popongo 6. / Due to attempts on his life, Admiral DeGill makes a decoy clone of himself named DeGill A who ends up teaming up with DeGill's assassin - Pontifadora!
  19. Big Bad Plant From Outer Space / Nuclea Infected: A simple mission for Betty and her crew to transport a rare carnivorous plant goes horribly wrong when the plant grows completely out of control. / Nuclea absorbs a grey hole and gains the ability to absorb matter and transform it into pure energy.
  20. The Brat Pack / A Fungus Among Us: Betty and her crew go to the candy planet of Glucosa to stop Infantor from producing cookies that will turn anyone who eats them into a brat under his command. / M'lord Orus adopts a metal-eating fungus monster as his son and sends it after Betty and her crew.
  21. The Gazundheit Factor / Good Kitty: Dr. Cerebral creates a blob monster called the Gloob to devour all organic life in the universe. / A doomsday device to the head causes Maximus to become gentle and kindhearted. With the Supreme Evil Overlord out of commission, Minimus is forced to give The Chameleon authority over Maximus' evil empire.
  22. Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde / The Market: Minimus' head gets permanently stuck in angry mode, causing him to transform into a ferocious rampaging brute intent on getting back at years of abuse from Maximus. / Betty and X-5 go to the shady market planet of Cronkite D when Sparky is kidnapped and sold into slavery.
  23. Galactic Guardians No More / Scribe 2: The Re-Scribing: Maximus organizes all the villains in the galaxy to temporarily give up on crime, so that the Galactic Guardians will disband and be easy to pick off. / The Scribe returns, this time intent on destroying the galaxy's best-selling author Lola Polaris.
  24. No-Hit Wonders / License DeGill: Betty battles a villain called The Voice Bandit, who is stealing the voices of everyone at a singing academy to weaponize them. / An ex-Galactic Guardian named Boltar accuses Admiral DeGill of lying about a Galactic Guardian mission and forces him to resign, but Betty is skeptical of the claims.
  25. The Case of the Missing Kanushu / Devolution City: Betty, her crew, and Admiral DeGill all head out to investigate the sudden disappearance of Spindly Tam Kanushu. / Betty faces the evil witch doctor Shaka Booga, who is using her magic to revert the planet Chromeus to prehistoric times.
  26. The Amulet of Shan-Gra-La-De-Da / Best Dressed Villain: Maximus seeks a legendary amulet from the planet Shan-Gra-La-De-Da that grants its wearer unimaginable power. / An accident in his kitchen ends up giving Maximus an indestructible metallic suit of body armour complete with superpowers.
  27. Takes One to Know One: When Paloma is captured by a gigantic spaceship and a mysterious figure steals the Beluvian Demon Box, Betty and her crew must retrieve the evil artifact and rescue Paloma before it is too late. And in the process, Betty learns the truth about Paloma and Noah makes some surprising discoveries of his own.

     Season 3 (Mission: Earth) 

  1. No Space Like Home: Picking off immediately where Season 2 ended, an accident has transported Noah from Earth to Maximus' fortress, where the Supreme Evil Overlord hatches a plan to use the boy as bait to finally learn the location of her homeworld. Meanwhile, Admiral DeGill plans on moving Galactic Guardian headquarters to Earth.
  2. Family Feuds/Girl Power: Betty must settle a battle between Infantor and his Big Little Brother. Meanwhile, Penelope's brother Chaz moves to Betty's school, and Betty develops a crush on him. / Pontifadora uses a magical diamond to turn women into her personal army of Amazons, while Betty befriends a new girl at school named Regeena.
  3. Aarrgh...It Be 'Olidays! / Rodeo Robots: Betty, her parents, and Sparky visit a pirate-themed amusement park, but Greenbeard has arrived at the same location to get parts for a new ship. / Betty and her crew visit a rodeo but Dr. Cerebral interrupts their downtime with Sparky's robot Betty from prior now under his command.
  4. Who's the Baby Now?/Spliced
  5. April Fool's Overture/Crimes of Fashion
  6. The Big Dig/Wedding Crashers
  7. Night of the Living Mummies/Trick or Creep (Halloween Episodes)
  8. Roger, Where Are You?/Betty The Red
  9. Mini-Maximus/Circus Sparkimus
  10. Shake Your Booga/Cosmic Comicon
  11. A Hard Day's Fight/If the Shoe Fits...
  12. It Came From Hollywood/Lulu on the Loose
  13. Betty and the Beast/Mirror of Morganna
  14. Love Bites/Zulia's New Beau (Valentine's Day Episodes)
  15. Beach Blanket Betty/Ice Queen
  16. Bold Age/Cat Fight
  17. The Doomsday Game/DeGill and Son
  18. Vaudevillains/The Manchurian Guardian
  19. Elementary, My Dear Minimus/Great Eggspectations
  20. Scent of a Blugo/Star-Crossed Lovers
  21. Boot Camp Betty/A Finful of Dollars
  22. Invading Spaces/Make a Wish
  23. Fairytale Fate/Ice Monsters
  24. The Way of the Weiner/Pimplepalooza
  25. Noah's Bark/Queen for a Day
  26. The Future is Now (Series Finale)

These shorts were shown at the end of every episode of Season 3.

  1. Sparky and X-5: Prank'd: X-5 catches Sparky singing in the shower on camera.
  2. Elevator Traitor: Betty and her crew end up in an elevator with Maximus and Minimus.
  3. Crash Test Noah: Body Snatchers: X-5 tests a mind-reading machine on Noah.
  4. Sparky vs. Minimus: Who Can Pick Up The Most Girls?
  5. Atomic Betty Auditions
  6. Galactic Idol
  7. The DeGill Show: Stupid Alien Tricks
  8. Sparky & Minimus: Moose Jaw Undercover
  9. Sparky vs. Minimus: Who's The Best Rapper?
  10. Fool's House
  11. Crash Test Noah: Animal In-Stinks
  12. The DeGill Show: Infantor
  13. Sparky & Minimus: Moose Jaw Undercover: Diffuse It!
  14. Bizarre Love Triangle
  15. Hairballs in History
  16. Crash Test Noah: Flight Simulator
  17. Sparky vs. Minimus: Who's The Most Extreme?
  18. Crash Test Noah: Super Flash
  19. Sparky and Minimus: Moose Jaw Undercover: Stake Out
  20. Crash Test Noah: Body Snatchers Part 2
  21. Hairball Haute Coutre
  22. Sparky vs. Minimus: Who's The Best Dancer?
  23. Crash Test Noah: Strength Training
  24. Crash Test Noah: Static Spy
  25. Sparky & Minimus: Moose Jaw Undercover: Car Chase
  26. Crash Test Noah: Unmasked!



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