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Recap / Arthur S 13 E 2 The Silent Treatment Kung Fool

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The Silent Treatment

George feels unappreciated and decides to not speak to anyone until they notice him.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the episode's intro:
    George: [walks up the camera] What about you? Can any of you see me?
  • Brick Joke: Binky wonders if his woodworking project (a block of wood with a nail sticking out of it) is a doorstop or a coat rack. At the end, he decides that it's a paperweight.
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  • Exact Words: Binky does this after he plays a song and Arthur points out that it already exists.
    Binky: I said it was a song for George. I didn't say I wrote it!
  • Imagine Spot: George has one midway through the episode. Parodied when George and Wally end up in the wrong fantasy.
  • True Companions: George's friends throw a party for him. He makes sure that all his friends can come to the inventors' museum with him.
  • Screen Tap: In the intro, George taps on the screen to see if the viewers notice him.
  • Shaped Like Itself: Binky plays a song on his clarinet for George. It's titled, "A Song for George."
  • Shout-Out / It's a Wonderful Plot / Whole Plot Reference: To It's a Wonderful Life. George is shown what his life would be like if he never existed.
    George: I remember a movie just like this! This man is shown what life would be like if he never existed, and everyone's sad and poor and the bad guy runs everything! It's terrible!

Kung Fool

Fern is convinced that the elderly man she's volunteering for is a kung fu master.

Tropes for this episode

  • Wax On, Wax Off: Subverted. Fern thinks she's doing this when she is tasked to put away the dishes, but Tony Wu points out that she's just volunteering to help him and not doing any training.

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