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Recap / Arrow S 3 E 6 Guilty

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Ted Grant is accused of several murders. Laurel and the Arrow try to find out who really did it after finding out Ted's past as a vigilante. Meanwhile, Roy tries to find out whether his dreams of killing Sara are just dreams, or something more.

Tropes in this episode:

  • A Day in the Limelight: Not to the same extent as the previous episode, but this episode focuses a lot more on Ted, Laurel, and Roy than it does on Oliver.
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  • Appropriated Appellation: Isaac tells Roy that the Arrow only sees him as "a weapon in his arsenal", and he repeats this to Oliver. Oliver decides that "Arsenal" is a good code name for Roy.
  • A Pupil of Mine, Until He Turned to Evil: The true murderer is Ted's former sidekick, whom he cut loose after he killed a drug dealer six years ago.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: Part of Isaac's motivation is that he was tortured for months after killing a Culebra member.
  • Dance Battler: Roy's Parkour-style fighting makes perfect sense here. He's facing down Isaac who has a gun on him. Roy's fancy flip gets him out of the line of fire while disarming Isaac.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: Oliver attempts this on Ted, but the latter is not fooled, since he used this trick during his vigilante days.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Laurel and Ted are seen sparring in boxing... until Ted reveals he knows more than boxing.
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  • Internal Reveal: Roy finally learns about the cop he killed while overdosing on Mirakuru. He also tells the group that he thinks he killed Sara, although it's dispelled by the end.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Oliver blames Ted because he murdered a criminal during his run as a vigilante. Oliver's own bodycount as the Vigilante was at least five (the four bodies Detective Lance showed Roy plus the Count), not counting Mirakuru soldiers or any murders he committed before becoming the Vigilante.
    • Diggle says they should cut Roy loose because they need to hold themselves and other people to the same standard (i.e. not killing). Which would be fine... except they apparently didn't mind Roy killing a random police officer under Mirakuru influence, but the moment he is thought to have killed one of their own under Mirakuru influence, it's suddenly not okay.
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  • Meaningful Background Event: Cupid makes two appearances in the background before she fully shows up at the end. The first is outside the gym when the police are investigating the dead body, and the second is her walking behind Diggle's van outside the club into which Oliver and Ted went.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Roy's reaction when he thinks he killed Sara, and later when he learns he actually killed a cop.
  • Mythology Gag: When Ted fights the Arrow, the latter defeats him by putting a boxing glove on the tip of an arrow, finally emulating the infamous Boxing Glove Arrow.
    • When Isaac has Roy in a chokehold, he tells him that the Arrow considers him "a weapon in his arsenal".
  • Red Herring: Roy's memories of killing Sara; her death was being fused with his newfound memory of killing a cop during a Mirakuru rage.
  • Retired Badass: Ted was a vigilante six years ago, while Oliver was on the island.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Isaac gets Roy in a chokehold and rants that his mentor will abandon him; Roy promptly flips him over, knocks him out, and retorts, "I'm not you."
  • Single Tear: Roy sheds one after Oliver helps him remember that he didn't kill Sara, but that he did kill a policeman.
  • The Southpaw: Both Ted and apparently Isaac.
  • Trick Arrow: Finally, the writers found a way to put in a boxing glove arrow and have it make sense.
  • True Companions: Roy becomes another one for Oliver, after this exchange when Isaac says the Arrow will discard him like Ted did to him, on top of the thought at the time that Roy killed Sara.
    Roy: Don't abandon me.
    Oliver: Never.

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