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Recap / Arrested Development S4E4 "The B. Team"

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Having seen a picture of Michael in the in-flight magazine, Ron Howard is inspired to make a movie about him, and summons Michael to meet him at Imagine Entertainment. Kitty Sanchez, George Sr.'s former assistant, now works at the studio as a producer, after betraying Maeby's lack of a high school diploma to steal her job. In exchange for the rights to Michael's "inspiring father/son story", Ron agrees to make him a producer on the project. When Ron mentions his daughter "his girl" Rebel Alley, who Ron believes would be perfect for the part of Michael's wife, Michael mistakenly assumes that Rebel is Ron's mistress. Although at first reluctant to participate in the movie and not wanting to become involved with his father again, Michael commits to the idea after using his business card (which lists him as an executive producer) to flirt with a struggling actress/musician (Isla Fisher) whom he literally bumps into on the street. After a fight with his father, Michael procrastinates his job securing the rights by attempting to cast actors for the movie (Carl Weathers and Andy Richter), and hiring George's prison warden as a screenwriter (James Lipton). Learning about Michael's selfish motive to become a producer to impress a girl, who Michael doesn't actually know the name of, George reconciles with Michael and agrees to sign over his movie rights. However, Michael learns from Ron that the father/son story he is interested in is actually the story of Michael and George Michael. On their date, Michael has sex with the actress in a photo-booth, learning from a photo of her tattoo that her name is Rebel, whom Michael still believes to be Ron's mistress.



  • As Himself: Ron Howard.
  • Crash-Into Hello: Happens to Michael and Rebel and is then lampshaded by Rebel.
  • Left the Background Music On: During the Power Walk we hear an energetic song which is then revealed to come from Stefan Gentles tablet as a guard asks him to turn the music off.
  • Literary Allusion Title: To The A-Team.
  • Moon-Landing Hoax: Ron Howard keeps the Lunar Excursion Module that was used to fake the landings in his office and holds meetings in it.
    Ron: Hey, let’s go inside the LEM. You want to?
    Michael: Is this the one that landed on the moon?
    Ron: On a soundstage.
    Michael: Oh, right, from Apollo 13.
    Ron: No, no, 1969. I'll tell you about it inside the LEM. It's soundproof in there. And it's a national secret. (Cut to Inside the LEM). So, NASA did go to the moon in 71. That one was real. But in 69, they weren't ready, so they faked the whole thing on the soundstage of Gentle Ben.
    Michael: Boy.
    Ron: Me and my brother, we hid up in the rafters. We’ve seen the whole thing.
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  • Newscaster Cameo: Conan O'Brien.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: When Ron Howard and Michael speak about the girl, the former means his daughter while the latter thinks he means a mistress.
  • Oscar Bait: Rebel refers to this when asking Michael to make her character mentally challenged so she could win the Oscar.
  • Plot-Based Voice Cancellation: When Michael want to learn Rebel's name, the announcement on stage is drowned out by a goat's bleating.
  • Power Walk: Of Michael and his writer/actor team which plays into the Literary Allusion Title pun.
  • Title Drop: Subverted. At one point at Imagine Entertainment, the camera focuses on a bin labeled "active development," before panning to reveal the bin next to it labeled "not going forward development".


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